Last modified: December 2019

AHELP for CIAO 4.12 Sherpa v1


Context: info


Display the fit information


show_fit([outfile=None, clobber=False] )


The show_fit command displays the fit information for the source and/or background ("ahelp fit") .

The command output looks like:

Optimization Method: NelderMead
name         = simplex
ftol         = 1.19209289551e-07
maxfev       = None
initsimplex  = 0
finalsimplex = 9
step         = None
iquad        = 1
verbose      = 0

Statistic: CStat

Fit:Dataset               = 1
Method                = neldermead
Statistic             = cstat
Initial fit statistic = 4115.59
Final fit statistic   = 470.277 at function evaluation 450
Data points           = 460
Degrees of freedom    = 457
Probability [Q-value] = 0.323838
Reduced statistic     = 1.02905
Change in statistic   = 3645.31
   abs1.nh        0.0349312
   p1.gamma       1.72895
   p1.ampl        4.24936e-05


Example 1

sherpa> show_fit()

Print the fit information to the screen.

Example 2

sherpa> show_fit("", True)

Write the fit information to the file "", clobbering any existing file with the same name.

Changes in CIAO 4.12

PAGER environment variable is no-longer used

Paging of the screen output is now handled by Python rather than using an external tool defined by the PAGER environment variable. This means that paged output should now appear in Jupyter notebooks.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

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