Last modified: December 2021

AHELP for CIAO 4.16 Sherpa


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Utility routines for Sherpa (CIAO contributed package).


from sherpa_contrib.utils import *


The sherpa_contrib.utils module provides utility routines for Sherpa users, and is provided as part of the CIAO contributed scripts package.

Loading the routines

The module can be loaded into Sherpa by saying either of:

from sherpa_contrib.utils import *
from sherpa_contrib.all import *

where the second form loads in all the Sherpa contributed routines, not just the utils module.


The utils module currenly provides the routines:

Function Description
renorm() Change the normalization of a model to match the data.
save_instmap_weights() Write out the model spectrum in the form required by mkinstmap
plot_instmap_weights() Plot up the model spectrum in the form required by mkinstmap
get_instmap_weights() return the model spectrum in the form required by mkinstmap
estimate_weighted_expmap() Return the estimated exposure map value by weighting the ARF by the spectral model

See the ahelp file for the routine and the contributed scripts page for further information.

Changes in the scripts 4.14.0 (December 2021) release

The renorm routine has seen minor improvements.

Changes in the scripts 4.11.4 (2019) release

Plotting can now use matplotlib

The plot_instmap_weights() routine now uses the Sherpa plot backend (controlled by the plot_pkg setting in a user's ~/.sherpa.rc file), rather than always using ChIPS.

Changes in the scripts 4.8.2 (January 2016) release

New routine

The renorm() function was added.

Fixed estimate_weighted_expmap

The estimate_weighted_expmap() routine has been updated to work in CIAO 4.8.

Changes in the October 2012 release

The save_instmap_weights routine

The file created by this command now includes some basic metadata for use with fluximage, flux_obs, and merge_obs.


See the bugs pages for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

estimate_weighted_expmap, get_instmap_weights, plot_instmap_weights, save_instmap_weights