Last modified: December 2013

AHELP for CIAO 4.16


Context: crates


Copy the image values from a crate.




Argument Description
crate The image crate.

The copy_piximgvals command retrieves an array of the values of the specified image within the crate. The data values are copied into an array and that array is returned.

The get_piximg command returns a CrateData object for the image, which is useful if you are interested in the metadata associated with it.


>>> cr = read_file("image.fits")
>>> vals = copy_piximgvals(cr)
>>> print(vals.shape)
(201, 201)
>>> print(vals.sum())

The copy_piximgvals() call returns a numpy array which contains a copy of the pixel values.

Should I use copy_piximgvals or get_piximgvals?

The copy_piximgvals routine is similar to get_piximgvals, so when should you use it? The return value from get_piximgvals reflects the contents of the Crate, so that changes to the return value also change the crate, whereas copy_piximgvals returns a copy of this data.

It is generally going to be safer to use copy_piximgvals rather than get_piximgvals unless:

If the image being read in is a virtual one then the data is always going to be copied, so in this particular case there is no difference between copy_piximgvals and get_piximgvals.


See the bug pages on the CIAO website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

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See Also

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