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Last modified: 19 June 2008

URL: http://cxc.harvard.edu/ciao3.4/bugs/index.html
Hardcopy (PDF): A4 | Letter

Bug List for CIAO 3.4

The CIAO 3.4 software release includes bug fixes to the Data Model library and several CIAO tools. For complete details on this release, see the CIAO 3.4 release notes. A list of bugs fixed in CIAO 3.4 is available at the end of each affected page.

Users should also check the Frequently Asked Questions for information on warnings, common errors, and other problems.

If you think you have found a bug in CIAO which is not shown here, please submit a ticket to the CXC Helpdesk describing the problem.

The bug list for CIAO 3.3 is still available but is no longer updated.



User Infrastructure


S-Lang Modules

Contributed Scripts

OS-X Platform

Other Software Packages

Hardcopy (PDF): A4 | Letter
Last modified: 19 June 2008

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