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Last modified: 11 December 2007
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Sherpa Threads for CIAO 3.4

When running a thread for the first time, you may wish to follow along, using the actual data employed in the thread. Please see the Getting Started thread for instructions on how to download and use the example data.

All threads

A list of all the threads on one page.


These threads explain the basics of Sherpa: reading data, establishing models, fitting, and plotting. Information on how to customize plots via the Sherpa state objects (a.k.a. configuration variables) is covered as well.


Sherpa provides extensive facilities for modeling and fitting data. The topics here range from basic fits using source spectra and responses to more advanced areas such as simultaneous fits to multiple datasets, accounting for the effects of pileup, and fitting spatial and grating data.


Sherpa allows the user to plot data, fits, statistics, ARFs, contours, surfaces, and more. These threads describe the basics of plotting as well as various methods for customizing plots.


Sherpa provides numerous tools for determining goodness of fit, errors in parameter values, confidence intervals, and other statistical measures of a model's validity. These threads describe how to use these tools in your analysis.


The S-Lang language and Sherpa/S-Lang module provide a powerful means of extending Sherpa's capabilities through custom-made functions and scripts. The threads here introduce Sherpa's S-Lang functionality and provide some examples of its use.


These threads describe other tasks that one can perform using Sherpa.


Links to the datasets used in the threads.

Hardcopy (PDF): A4 | Letter
Last modified: 11 December 2007

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