Supernova Remnants And Pulsar Wind Nebulae In The Chandra Era

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July 8-10, 2009

Wednesday July 8
Session I - X-Ray Observations Of Supernova Remnants
Chair: Dan Patnaude
8:45-9:00 Opening Remarks: Dan Patnaude and Harvey Tananbaum
9:00-9:30 Invited Talk: Anne Decourchelle
X-Ray Observations of Supernova Remnants (PPT)
9:30-9:45 Talk I-1: Miguel Araya
Spectral Analysis of Nonthermal Filaments in Cas A
9:45-10:00 Talk I-2: Knox Long
The X-Ray Supernova Remnant Population in M33
10:00-10:15 Talk I-3: Harsha Kumar
X-ray Properties of the SNR G292.2-0.5 Using Chandra and XMM-Newton
10:15-10:30 Talk I-4: Daniel Castro
An X-ray Study of the Bright Supernova Remnant G296.1-0.5 with XMM-Newton
10:30-11:30 Break and Poster Viewing
11:30-12:00 Invited Talk: Armin Rest
Optical Light Echoes from Historical Supernovae
12:00-12:15 Talk I-5: Laura Lopez
X-ray Line Morphology as a Tracer for SNR Histories
12:15-12:30 Talk I-6: Gilles Maurin
A Large XMM-Newton Program on SN 1006

12:30-1:30 - Lunch

Session II - Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Theory and Observations
Chair:Roger Chevalier
1:30-2:00 Invited Talk: Elena Amato
PWNe and Relativistic Shocks
2:00-2:15 Talk II-1: Maxim Lyutikov
High-sigma Model of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
2:15-2:30 Talk II-2: Roland Kothes
A Comparison of Radio and X-ray Observations of Evolved Pulsar Wind Nebulae
2:30-2:45 Talk II-3: Eric Gotthelf
SNR G12.82-0.02: Radio Shell, X-ray Pulsar, TeV Wind Nebula
2:45-3:00 Talk II-4: Tea Temim
Infrared Observations of the Shell Surrounding the Pulsar Wind Nebula G54.1+0.3
3:00-3:15 Talk II-5: Joseph Gelfand
Modeling the Dynamical and Radiative Evolution of a PWN inside a SNR
3:15-3:30 Talk II-6: Bernhard Gluck
The Vela X Pulsar Wind Nebula in the TeV Regime
3:30-4:00 Break and Poster Viewing
Session II - Continued
Chair: Fabrizio Bocchino
4:00-4:30 Invited Talk: Oleg Kargaltsev
Pulsar-Wind Nebulae in the Chandra Era
4:30-4:45 Talk II-7: Mallory Roberts
The Pulsar Wind Nebulae of Three Radio Quiet Gamma-Ray Pulsars
4:45-5:00 Talk II-8: Yoichi Yatsu
Discovery of Temporal Changes in the Torus around PSR B1509-58
5:00-5:15 Talk II-9: Pat Slane
Observations of Bow-Shock Pulsar Wind Nebulae (PPT)
5:15-5:30 Talk II-10: Heather Matheson
Exploring the Plerionic Supernova Remnant G21.5-0.9 with Chandra
5:30-5:45 Talk II-11: Zaven Arzoumanian
A Pulsar Wind Nebula in the Radio SNR G76.9+1.0
5:45-6:00 Talk II-12: Aya Bamba
Chandra View of Pulsar Wind Nebula Tori

Thursday July 9
Session III - Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Chair: Paul Plucinsky
9:00-9:30 Invited Talk: Robert Fesen
Multiwavelength Observations of Supernova Remnants
9:30-9:45 Talk III-1: John Dickel
Radio and X-ray Properties of Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnants
9:45-10:00 Talk III-2: Laura Chomiuk
The Luminosity Function of Supernova Remnants at 20cm
10:00-10:15 Talk III-3: Yves Gallant
A non-thermal X-ray shell coincident with the gamma-ray source HESS J1731-347
10:15-10:30 Talk III-4: Reshmi Mukherjee
Observations of Supernova Remnants with VERITAS
10:30-11:15 Break and Poster Viewing
11:15-11:45 Invited Talk: Marianne Lemoine-Goumard
H.E.S.S. Observations of SNRs and PWNe
11:45-12:00 Talk III-5: Ester Aliu
TeV Gamma-ray Observations of Pulsar Wind Nebulae with VERITAS
12:00-12:15 Talk III-6: Jules Halpern
Two Magnetar Candidates in HESS Supernova Remnants
12:15-12:30 Talk III-7: Arache Djannati-Atai
HESS discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from a remarkable young composite SNR

12:30-1:30 - Lunch

Session IV - Supernovae Shocks and Plasma Physics
Chair: Pat Slane
1:30-2:00 Invited Talk: Adam Burrows
What the Emerging Theory of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions May Say About the Morphology of Their Remnants
2:00-2:15 Talk IV-1: Gilles Ferrand
3D Simuations of Supernova Remnant Evolution with Particle Acceleration
2:15-2:30 Talk IV-2: Jae-Joon Lee
Outer Shock Interaction with Progenitor Winds in Young Core-Collapse SNRs
2:30-3:00 Invited Talk: Martin Laming
Electron Heating Mechanisms and Temperature Diagnostics in SNR Shocks
3:00-3:15 Talk IV-3: Mario Riquelme
Magnetic Field Amplification by Cosmic Rays Near SNR Shocks
3:15-3:30 Talk IV-4: John Raymond
Non-Maxwellian Velocity Distributions in Tycho's SNR
3:30-4:00 Break and Poster Viewing
Session IV - Continued
Chair: Cara Rakowski
4:00-4:30 Invited Talk: Anatoly Spitkovsky
Particle Acceleration in Shocks
4:30-4:45 Talk IV-5: Klara Schure
Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Supernova Remnants
4:45-5:00 Talk IV-6: Dan Patnaude
Thermal Emission from Cosmic Ray Modified Shocks
5:00-5:15 Talk IV-7: Salvatore Orlando
Inverse-Compton Gamma-ray Emission from SNRs Evolving in Non-uniform Interstellar Magnetic Field
5:15-5:30 Talk IV-8: Lorenzo Sironi
Acceleration of Particles in Relativistic Magnetized Electron-Ion Shocks
5:30-5:45 Talk IV-9: Eveline Helder
Measuring the Cosmic Ray Acceleration Efficiency of a Supernova Remnant
5:45-6:00 Talk IV-10: Marco Miceli
X-ray Signature of Shock Modification in SN 1006
Friday July 10
Session V - Supernova Remnants and their Environments
Chair: Eric Gotthelf
9:00-9:30 Invited Talk: Richard McCray
SN 1987A at 22 Years
9:30-9:45 Talk V-1: Franz Bauer
X-ray Constraints on the Nearby SN 1996cr
9:45-10:00 Talk V-2: Vikram Dwarkadas
Using X-ray and Radio Data to Constrain the Ambient Medium around Core-Collapse SNe
10:00-10:15 Talk V-3: Tracey DeLaney
The 3D Model of Cassiopeia A and Its Flattened Ejecta Distribution
10:15-10:30 Talk V-4: Adele Plunkett
Three-Dimensional Kinematics of the Oxygen–Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8
10:30-11:30 Break and Poster Viewing
11:30-12:00 Invited Talk: Carles Badenes
Type Ia Supernova Remnants: The Persistence of Memory
12:00-12:15 Talk V-5: Fabrizio Bocchino
Constraints on the Galactic Magnetic Field from the Synchrotron Radio Emission of SN 1006
12:15-12:30 Talk V-6: Manfred Pakull
Supernova Remnants and ULX Bubbles

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