Chandra Cycle 24 Peer Review Results Released

Lists of targets plus archive and theory proposals recommended by the Cycle 24 Peer Review are now posted at:

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Chandra CalDB version 4.9.7 released to the public

This upgrade includes the following items:
* ACIS T_GAIN updates affecting recent OBS_IDs (since 2021-05-02T12:00:00).
* ACIS focal plane temperature (FP_TEMP) boundary condition upper and lower limit changes

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HRC Anomaly: Update

Update: On May 19, a real-time procedure was executed to power on the HRC A-side electronics to collect additional diagnostic information. The procedure ran nominally and investigations continue on potential approaches for re-enabling the HRC for science observations.

Read the full update announcement as well as the Feb 20 update and the original announcement.