Release of the Sherpa 4.15.1 package for Python

The release of Sherpa includes various documentation updates, bug fixes, and infrastructure changes.

Check out the detailed release notes and installation instructions.

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HRC Anomaly: Update

Update: The first scheduled HRC observation in more than a year occurred on the morning of Monday, April 10th. The LTS has been updated to once again include HRC targets, with an emphasis on completing those from Cycles 22 and 23.

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Read the 1/25/23 update announcement. For more background, read the 9/2/22 and the 2/20/22 updates and the original announcement.


High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy Workshop

First announcement of the High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy workshop to be held August 1-3, 2023 on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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