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The Chandra Deep Field North Dataset

The 2000-2002 data from the Chandra Deep Field North have been custom processed to register all 17 individual observations astrometrically. For more information, see the README file.

There are two distinct subsets of observations, clustered around roll angles of 40 (7 ObsIds) and 140 (10 ObsIds) degrees, respectively. We excluded 3 ObsIds from 1999 which were made at a focal plane temparature of -110 degrees, since their calibration is still problematic.

We offer these types of products for download:

  • Merged tar file containing the merged event file, exposure map, and image
  • By-ObsId tar file containing the event list and aspect solution for each of the individual ObsIds
  • Full resolution linear three-color image of merged datasets
  • Full resolution enhanced three-color image of merged datasets
  • Smoothed enhanced three-color image of merged datasets


Product All Observations Roll Angle 40 Observations only Roll Angle 140 Observations only
Merged tar file tar file tar file tar file
By-ObsId tar file tar file Included in merged by-ObsId tar file Included in merged by-ObsId tar file
Full resolution linear image JPEG file JPEG file JPEG file
Full resolution enhanced image JPEG file N/A N/A
Smoothed enhanced image JPEG file N/A N/A

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