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News Item 014

RXJ1856.5-3754 Isolated Neutron Star Observations


The five observations totalling 500 ks on the isolated neutron star RXJ1856.5-3754 have been released. Data products have been collected into five separate tar files, one for each ObsId; included are all primary and secondary data products except for the Level 1 and Level 1.5 Event files. Additional products may be retrieved through the CDA Provisional Retrieval Interface or through ChaSeR. In addition, we provide files containing the combined spectra and the exposure weighted ARF files for the four most recent observations, as well as all five observations.

More information on the processing and analysis of these data may be found at the official release page.

These are the pre-packaged files available for download:

File Size (MB) Contents Exposure (ks)
113.tar 149 Data products for ObsId 113 55.5
3380.tar 526 Data products for ObsId 3380 167.5
3381.tar 561 Data products for ObsId 3381 171.1
3382.tar 370 Data products for ObsId 3382 102.0
3399.tar 293 Data products for ObsId 3399 9.3
ns4pha.fits.gz 0.2 Spectrum for ObsIds 3380, 3381, 3382, 3399 449.9
ns4arf.fits.gz 0.2 ARF for ObsIds 3380, 3381, 3382, 3399
ns5pha.fits.gz 0.2 Spectrum for ObsIds 113, 3380, 3381, 3382, 3399 505.4
ns5arf.fits.gz 0.2 ARF for ObsIds 113, 3380, 3381, 3382, 3399

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