Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) Staff Directory

List of All CXC Staff

NameCXC RoleJob TitleTeam
Aldcroft, Thomas LLead Flight Director
Aspect operations scientist
Senior AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Allen, Christopher E.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Anderson, Craig StephenData Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Arcand, Kimberly KowalVisualization LeadCommunication and Public Engagement
Arsenault, Edward WilliamGround Operations Team (Operations Control Center)
Balke, David W.Mission PlannerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Baski, Mark DouglasSW ManagerFlight Software (Flight Operations Team)
Becker, Glenn E.Archive Operations (Data Systems Division)
Bernard, Brenda E.Program Office
Bissell, Bradley A.Subsystem EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Blanchard, Scott JosephSubsystem EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Bogdan, Akos AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Brissenden, Roger J.Chandra X-Ray Center ManagerAstrophysicistChandra X-ray Center
Broll, Kris H.Facility and Systems Team (Operations Control Center)
Budynkiewicz, Jamie Software DeveloperSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Buehler, Royce E.Operations and Science Support (Science Division)
Burke, Douglas AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Canizares, Claude R.CXC Associate Director for MITAstrophysicistChandra X-ray Center
Castro, Daniel AstrophysicistMission Planning (Science Division)
Chen, Judy CSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Civano, Francesca Deputy Data Processing ManagerAstrophysicistData Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Connelly, Jean M.SOT Aspect TeamIT SpecialistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Conry, Jason Chandra Project AdministratorProgram Office
Cresitello-Dittmar, Mark L.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Cusato, Joan ClarkProgram Office
D'Abrusco, Raffaele Archive Group LeaderAstrophysicistArchive Operations (Data Systems Division)
Dahmer, Matthew TigheSubsystem EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
David, Laurence P.Calibration Group LeaderAstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Divona, Kristin AnnGraphic DesignerCommunication and Public Engagement
Dowd, Tara SueAstrophysicist (Technical Assistant)Mission Planning (Science Division)
Drake, Jeremy J.LETG Instrument ScientistSenior AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Durham, Robert NicholasIT SpecialistCalibration (Science Division)
Dzengelewski, Carol Senior Grants SpecialistGrant Awards
Eagan, Christopher PaulChandra Operations Control Center ManagerOperations Control Center
Edgar, Richard J.AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Edmonds, Peter D.AstrophysicistCommunication and Public Engagement
Evans, Ian N. Data Systems End-to-End ScientistAstrophysicistData Systems Division
Evans, Janet DePonteSoftware Development ManagerSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Fabbiano, Giuseppina Data Systems Division HeadSenior AstrophysicistData Systems Division
Fine, Thomas A.Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Ford, Peter G.Principal Research ScientistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Fruscione, Antonella AstrophysicistDirector's Office;
Science Data Systems (Science Division)
Frye, Adam A.Ground Operations Team ManagerGround Operations Team (Operations Control Center)
Gaetz, Terrance AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Gage, Kenneth R.Subsystem EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Galstian, Gary G.Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Günther, Hans MoritzAstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Germain, Gregg IT SpecialistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Gibbs II, Danny G.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Glotfelty, Kenny J.IT SpecialistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Gokas, Tara Lead IT SpecialistDirector's Office
Graessle, Dale E.CALDB CoordinatorAstrophysicistData Systems Division
Grant, Catherine E.Research ScientistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Green, Paul J.AstrophysicistDirector's Office
Grier, John D.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Grimland, Courtney Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Guardado, Karla Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant)Director's Office
Hain, Roger Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Hall, Diane M.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Harbo, Peter N.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
He, Xiangqun HelenSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Hefron, Dawn Marie Grant SpecialistGrant Awards
Hemond, Raymond N.Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Holmes, Jeff Ground System EngineerSystems Engineering
Hudson, Kenneth J.Ground Operations Team (Operations Control Center)
Huenemoerder, David P. AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Hurley, Sabina D.Flight Operations ManagerFlight Operations Team
Isobe, Takashi Operations and Science Support (Science Division)
Jay, James RandolphMission PlannerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Jean, Kathlyne Program Office
Jerius, Diab AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Jones, David Software EngineerFlight Software (Flight Operations Team)
Joye, William Computer EngineerScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Jubett, April JaneCommunication and Public Engagement
Kashyap, Vinay L.AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Kim, Dong-Woo Special Data Processing ScientistAstrophysicistData Systems Division
Kohls, Kenneth ScottGround Operations Team (Operations Control Center)
Lauer, Jennifer Data Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Laurino, Omar Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Lee, Nicholas P.Science Data Systems (Science Division)
Leger, Michael PaulMission PlannerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Lestition, Kathleen Supervisory Public Affairs SpecialistCommunication and Public Engagement
Leussis, George C.Systems Engineering
Levitt, Paul A.Systems Engineering
Little, John R.Communication and Public Engagement
Lyn, Janine ElizabethSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Mabius, Lawrence Software EngineerFlight Software (Flight Operations Team)
Mahon, Craig L.Operations ControllerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Mancini, Steven AnthonyMission PlannerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Marshall, Herman L.AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Martínez Galarza, Rafael Deputy Data Systems End-to-end ScientistAstrophysicistData Systems Division
Martin, Eric R.Senior EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Mattison, Edward M.Chandra X-Ray Center Deputy ManagerPhysicistChandra X-ray Center
McCarthy, Maura T.Administrative AssistantGrant Awards
McClain, Edward Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant)Mission Planning (Science Division)
McCollough, Michael L.AstrophysicistArchive Operations (Data Systems Division)
McDowell, Jonathan C.Science Data System Group LeaderAstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
McLaughlin, Warren L.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Megas, Alexis G.Integration & Ground Software (Operations Control Center)
Mgrdichian, Khajag Communication and Public Engagement
Miller, Glenn ToddIntegration & Ground Software (Operations Control Center)
Miller, Joseph BenjaminSoftware Development (Data Systems Division)
Montez Jr., Rodolfo AstrophysicistDirector's Office
Morgan, Douglas Data Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Mossman, Amy Data Systems Division
Nguyen, Dan T.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Nichols, Joy S.Data Systems Operations Group LeaderAstrophysicistData Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Nigro, Frank JamesHardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Nynka, Melania AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Onyuksel, Cem Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Oskin, Catherine Program Office
Overly, James Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Park, Joan Administrative AssistantFlight Operations Team
Patnaude, Daniel HRC Instrument ScientistAstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Paxson, Charles W.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Perdikeas, Menelaos Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Phillips, Kayren Communication and Public Engagement
Plucinsky, Paul P. Operations Science Support Group Leader
ACIS Instrument Scientist
Senior AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Plummer, David A.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Podgorski, William A.Operations and Science Support (Science Division)
Prestwich, Andrea H.AstrophysicistDirector's Office
Primini, Francis A.AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Principe, David AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Provost, Misty Mission Planning (Science Division)
Pulgarin-Duque, Lina Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant)Operations and Science Support (Science Division)
Ramadurai, Padmanabhan Supervisory IT SpecialistHardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Randall, Scott W.AstrophysicistMission Planning (Science Division)
Ratzlaff, Peter W.Calibration (Science Division)
Rehbein, Gregory M.Integration & Ground Software (Operations Control Center)
Rehner, Daniel M.Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Rice, Harold D.Integration ManagerIntegration & Ground Software (Operations Control Center)
Rios, William ManuelMission PlannerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Robbins, Lauren Bortolami Director's Office
Rose, Joseph Configuration ManagerFlight Software (Flight Operations Team)
Saunders, Michele D.Program Office
Schackart, Frank Subsystem EngineerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Schulz, Norbert S.AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Schwartz, Dan A.Science Operations Team CoordinatorSenior PhysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Scott, John G.Mission Planning and Test ManagerMission Planning and Testing (Flight Operations Team)
Siemiginowska, Aneta Senior AstrophysicistScience Data Systems (Science Division)
Silas, Sheryl A.Operations Control Center
Slane, Patrick Mission Planning Group Leader
CXC Assistant Director for Science
Senior AstrophysicistMission Planning (Science Division)
Sloan, John P.Grant SpecialistGrant Awards
Sobolewska, Malgorzata AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Solares, Aldo Communication and Public Engagement
Sundheim, Beth AliceData Processing Operations (Data Systems Division)
Sutton-Berkeley, Almin Program Office
Tananbaum, Harvey D. Former CXC DirectorSenior AstrophysicistDirector's Office
Terrell, Marie IT Specialist (AppSW)Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Thong, Sinh A.Archive Operations (Data Systems Division)
Tibbetts, Michael S.Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Tingle, Evan DanielIT/Data SpecialistDirector's Office
Tran, Aaron Mission Planning (Science Division)
Trischitta, Michael P.Program Office
Tucker, Wallace H. AstrophysicistDirector's Office
Tutunjian, Kara Program Office
Van Stone, David W.Archive Operations;
Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division;
Data Systems Division)
Viens, Paul Engineering and Operations ManagerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Vikhlinin, Alexey A. AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Vogel, Brandon W.Facility and Systems Team (Operations Control Center)
Vrtilek, Jan M. Flight DirectorAstrophysicistMission Planning (Science Division)
Wargelin, Bradford AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Watzke, Megan Communication and Public Engagement
Welch, Kyle Hardware and Systems (Data Systems Division)
Wellington, Jay A.Operations ControllerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Wicker, Darell Senior Operations ControllerEngineering and Operations (Flight Operations Team)
Wilkes, Belinda J. Science Division Head
Chandra X-Ray Center Director
Senior AstrophysicistChandra X-ray Center
Williams, Jennifer DawnFacility and Systems Team (Operations Control Center)
Williamson, Kelly T.S.Social Media Manager/Web DeveloperCommunication and Public Engagement
Wing, Joshua D.Mission Planning (Science Division)
Winkelman, Sherry L.Archive Operations (Data Systems Division)
Wolk, Nancy RA.Imaging ScientistCommunication and Public Engagement
Wolk, Scott J.Flight DirectorSenior AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Wong, Daniel Flight Software EngineerFlight Software (Flight Operations Team)
Wyatt, Donna A.Administrative SpecialistProgram Office
Zachary, Julia Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant)Mission Planning (Science Division)
Zhao, Ping AstrophysicistCalibration (Science Division)
Zhitomirsky, Victor E.Integration & Ground Software (Operations Control Center)
Zografou, Panagoula Software Development (Data Systems Division)
Zuhone, John AstrophysicistOperations and Science Support (Science Division)
Zytkovicz, Mark ThomasFacility and Systems Team (Operations Control Center)

This list is maintained by the Chandra X-Ray Center Director's Office.