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Cycle 17 proposal deadline:
March 17, 2015, 6PM EDT

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What's New this Cycle?


3/10/2015 NuSTAR joint programs are available this Cycle. Joint Chandra/NuSTAR programs constrained to occur later than September 30, 2016 are contingent upon the outcome of the 2016 NASA Astrophysics Senior Review process. Refer to Section 4.4 of the CfP for more information about this Joint Observing Project.

12/16/2014 The Cycle 17 Call for Proposals and Proposers' Observatory Guide have been Released. Refer to the What's New page for a list of the most significant changes in Cycle 17.

12/16/2014 Please be aware that a complete proposal will include the following components as separate files:

   1: Proposal Form (submitted through RPS; required)
   2: Science Justification (separate file upload in RPS; required)
   3: Previous Chandra Experience List (separate file upload in RPS; required if appropriate)
   4: Curriculum vitae (separate file upload in RPS; optional)

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Archive and Theory Proposals
  • Proposals to fund archival research or theoretical work using public Chandra data should be submitted through RPS. Archival proposals must include a short justification of costs. Refer to the CfP for specific details.

Observing Proposal Preparation and Submission
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