Accretion Processes in X-Rays: From White Dwarfs to Quasars

July 13-15, 2010

Tuesday July 13
9:05-9:40 John Hawley
Simulations of Accretion Flows
9:40-10:15 Monika Moscibrodzka
Simulations of Low Luminosity Accretion Flows
10:15-10:35 Monica Young
Quasar Accretion Processes via Optical and X-Ray Correlations

10:35-11:00 - Coffee Break

11:00-11:35 Laura Brenneman
X-Ray Spectral Signature of Accretion onto a Supermassive Black Hole
11:35-11:55 Thomas Boller
The Relativistic Reflection Model Interpretation for NLS1 Soft X-Ray Lines (PPT)
11:55-12:15 Kendrah Murphy
Modeling Compton Thick Obscuration in Accreting Supermassive Black Hole Systems

12:15-2:15 - Lunch

2:15-2:50 Daniel Proga
Simulations of Outflows
2:50-3:10 Alexander Tchekhovskoy
Acceleration and Collimation of Relativistic Magnetized Jets
3:10-3:30 Posters
Short Presentations

3:30-4:00 Break/Posters

4:00-4:35 George Chartas
X-Ray Signatures of Outflows in Quasars
4:35-4:55 Stuart Sim
The Signatures of AGN Accretion Disk Winds in X-Ray Spectra
4:55-5:15 Ryuichi Kurosawa
Large-Scale Radiation-Driven Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei (Movie)
5:15-5:35 Junfeng Wang
New Results from Chandra Imaging of Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies (PPT)
5:35-5:55 Guido Risaliti
X-Ray Eclipses as Probes of the Inner Structure of AGNs

Wednesday July 14
9:00-9:35 Barbara Ercolano
X-Ray Irradiated Protoplanetary Disks (Movie)
9:35-9:55 Nancy Brickhouse
A New View of Accretion Shock Structure
9:55-10:15 Joel Kastner
Double (X-Ray) Vision: the Close Binary, Accreting T Tauri System V4046 Sgr
10:15-10:35 Steven Cranmer
Testing Models of Coronal Heating, X-Ray Emission, and Winds from T Tauri Stars

10:15-11:00 - Break/Posters

11:00-11:35 Chris Mauche
Accretion Processes in Magnetic CVs
11:35-12:10 Peter Wheatley
Accretion Processes in Non-Magnetic CVs (PPT)
12:10-12:30 Koji Mukai
Neither Thick Nor Thin?: The Role of τ in Accreting White Dwarf Binaries
12:30-12:50 Manami Sasaki
Beam Patterns and Geometries of X-Ray Pulsars Obtained from their Pulse Profiles

12:50-2:15 - Lunch

2:15-2:50 Marina Romanova
Accretion onto Magnetized Stars (Movie 1) (Movie 2) (Movie 3) (Movie 4)
(Movie 5)
2:50-3:10 Akshay Kulkarni
Accretion through Instabilities and QPOs
3:10-3:30 Gerardo Juan Manuel Luna
Hard X-Ray Emission from the Accretion Disk Boundary Layer in Symbiotic Binaries

3:30-4:00 - Break/Posters

4:00-4:20 Slavko Bogdanov
The Radio Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1023+0038: A Link to Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries
4:20-4:40 Monika Balucinska-Church
The Physics of the Brightest Low Mass X-Ray Binaries and Jet Formation
4:40-5:00 Norbert Schulz
Accretion Phenomena in Accreting Neutron Stars - From Atoll to Z-Sources
5:00-5:20 Andreas Eckart
Signatures of Strong Gravity in the Polarized Infrared Emission of Sagittarius A

5:30-7:30 - Reception on the Roof, Featuring Music by Kastner and Green

Thursday July 15
9:00-9:35 Phil Uttley
Variability and the Implications for Accretion
9:35-9:55 Jennifer Sokoloski
The Time Scales of Accretion-Disk Flickering
9:55-10:15 Malgorzata Sobolewska
Spectral States of AGN. Clues from Galactic X-Ray Black Hole Binaries

10:15-10:45 - Coffee

10:45-11:20 Randall Smith
The Potential of Future X-Ray Missions (Movie)
11:20-11:40 Gregory Sivakoff
A Treasure Trove of Transient X-Ray Binaries in Centaurus A (Movie 1) (Movie 2) (Movie 3)

11:40-1:30 - Lunch

1:30-2:05 Jeroen Homan
Observational Overview of States Transitions in X-Ray Binaries (Movie)
2:05-2:25 Julien Malzac
The X-Ray Corona and Jet of Cygnus X-1
2:25-2:45 Michael Nowak
Cygnus X-1 as Simultaneously Observed by Every Flying X-Ray Satellite
2:45-3:05 Anca Constantin
Empirical Links between XRB and AGN Accretion Processes

3:05-3:30 - Coffee

3:30-4:00 Omer Blaes
4:00-4:30 John Raymond and Aneta Siemiginowska
General Discussion

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