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XRCF Phase 1 Testing: Analysis Results

Please Note!

The documents reflect the current (and in many ways final) state of the analysis. They were regenerated from the original document source on 10 May 2004. Unless indicated in the table below, the only changes are due to formatting. No content has been changed. The page layout for individual chapters may have changed from previous versions.

The chapters are dated with the date of the last substantive change. When they are released, any change will result in a change in the date.

The entire report is available in a single PDF file as either one pdf page per side of paper, or two pdf pages per side of paper. These files are ~30Mb in size. The document is 742 pages long.

Alternatively, PDF files for each chapter are available. Consult the table below for links.

1 Up 2 Up Chapter Authors Last Change
pdf pdf Frontmatter    
pdf pdf 1. Introduction   24 February 1999
pdf pdf 2. Summary (None as yet)    
pdf pdf 3. The HXDS Flow Proportional Counters Brad Wargelin and Richard J. Edgar 31 March 1999
pdf pdf 4. The HXDS Solid State Detectors Walter C. McDermott, Shaun Serej, and Edwin M. Kellogg 3 September 1999
pdf pdf 5. Deadtime and Pileup Correction in the HXDS FPCs and SSDs Brad Wargelin 15 April 2004
pdf pdf 6. FPC Window Mesh Effect and its Correction Ping Zhao 1 October 1998
pdf pdf 7. High Speed Imager Calibration Ian Evans 1 October 1998
pdf pdf 8. HXDS Translation Stages and Related Calculations Richard J. Edgar 9 March 1999
pdf pdf 9. Spectral Fitting in HXDS Detector Data Analysis Richard J. Edgar 24 February 1999
pdf pdf 10. Simulations Diab Jerius  
pdf pdf 11. HRMA Effective Area: SSD C-continuum Measurements Ping Zhao 24 February 1999
pdf pdf 12. HRMA Effective Area: Spectral Line Measurements Richard J. Edgar 15 December 1998
pdf pdf 13. Fitting the HRMA Effective Area Michael Tibbetts 3 February 1999
pdf pdf 14. Wing Scans: Data Reduction and Pinhole Effective Areas Terrance J. Gaetz 23 April 1999
pdf pdf 15. Wing Scans: Analysis Terrance J. Gaetz 26 April 1999
pdf pdf 16. Encircled Energy Diab Jerius 25 February 1999
pdf pdf 17. Off Axis Effective Area (None as yet)    
pdf pdf 18. HRMA Ring Focus Measurements Ping Zhao 2 October 1998
    19. HRMA PSF (Not Available)    
pdf pdf 20. Ghost Rays Terrance J. Gaetz  
pdf pdf 21. Analysis of the "Mesh-Plane" HSI Image Terrance J. Gaetz 2 October 1998
pdf pdf 22.Off-Axis Images Terrance J. Gaetz 18 March 1999
    23. Predictions of the On-orbit Performance (Not available)    
pdf pdf 24. EIPS Beam Uniformity John Everett 25 August 1998
pdf pdf 25. HRMA Ring Focus Shutter Test Ping Zhao 2 October 1998
pdf pdf 26. HRMA Focus Measurements and Raytrace Update William Podgorski 27 May 1997
pdf pdf 27. Rigid-Body Misalignment Parameters Terrance J. Gaetz 28 May 1997
pdf pdf 28. HRMA Tilts at XRCF William Podgorski 23 May 1997
pdf pdf 29. HRMA Off-Axis Focal Positions William Podgorski 20 May 1997
pdf pdf 30. Internal Tilt-Compensated Coma-Free Decenter of the AXAF Terrance J. Gaetz 27 May 1997
pdf pdf Appendix A: Incidental Data Tables Richard J. Edgar 2 October 1998
pdf pdf Appendix B: Coordinate Systems Terrance J. Gaetz 29 March 1999
pdf pdf Appendix C: Quadrant Shutter Nomenclature Terrance J. Gaetz 29 March 1999
pdf pdf Appendix D: HRMA Pointing at XRCF Richard J. Edgar 15 July 1999
pdf pdf Appendix E: HRMA Dimensional Data Terrance J. Gaetz 27 July 1999
pdf pdf Bibliography    
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