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The CXC Optics group produces a number of software packages which are focused primarily on generating raytraces of the Chandra optics. We also produces analysis software as part of our ongoing telescope calibration efforts.


Package Description
detail SAOTrace X-ray Optics Raytracing
detail JMKMod Model FPC & SSD Detectors


Please contact opticsoft@head.cfa.harvard.edu for all support issues.
This software is not CXC Data Systems software and is not supported in any fashion by them.
Please do not contact the CXC Helpdesk if you have problems.

Downloads and Source Repositories

Distribution source packages for much of our software are available here. These are designed for end-users.

Copyright and License

All of the software code developed by the CXC Optics group (except where noted) is copyrighted by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Most of the code is released under either the GPL2 or GPL3 license. Some code is released under broader licenses. Each package indicates its license.

Our packages also use software packages authored by others; those are covered by their individual licenses.
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