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Raytracing Chandra

ChaRT or SAOTrace?

Raytrace simulations of an observation can be done with ChaRT or SAOTrace.

Which should you choose?

ChaRT SAOTrace
What is it? web based frontend to SAOTrace Command line program which runs on Linux and Mac OSX
Ease of Installation It's the Web, Dude!
no software installation required
Must download, compile, and install
Ease of Use simple-to-use interface More complex; may need to create source configurations
Sources single point sources multiple point, disk, or image sources
Dither Currently, no Reads Chandra ASOL files
Cons limited sources, number of rays, must wait must install, more complex usage
Pros point-and-click much more flexible; run as many simulations for as long as you'd like

  • For quick turn-around for simple sources, use ChaRT .
  • For everything else, use more SAOTrace
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