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Last modified: 18 February 2015


CalDB 4.6.4 Public Release Notes

NO PUBLIC RELEASE; Internal Install only

SDP Installation Date: 2014-10-29T15:00:00 (UTC)


CalDB 4.6.4 is an upgrade to the Chandra CalDB, which includes the following items:

  • ACIS GRADE file for CC33_GRADED case


A. ACIS GRADE file for CC33_GRADED case

Location: $CALDB/data/chandra/grade/
Filename: acisD2009-11-01gradeN0005.fits

A change in the ACIS parameter block control file effective 2009-11-01T00:00:00 results in the ACIS FLT GRADE "66" events being telemetered for the CC-mode case. These events had never been telemetered for CC-mode cases before that date. A modification has been made to the mapping of Flight Grade 66 events for the GRADE CC-modes, wherein these events are to be assigned ASCA GRADE "2". As such, these events will not be removed from the level 2 event list thereby generated. The new GRADE file above is the means whereby the new mapping is being done in SDP, and in a later release of CIAO (v4.7).


ACIS Level 1 processing tool acis_process_events

Last modified: 18 February 2015
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