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Last modified: 4 November 2010


Directory Structure

The directory structure itself is determined by the keyword conventions, while the location of a given file within the CALDB is determined by its header keyword values. The CALDB directory structure is given in Table 1, which may be used to locate a specific file in your local CALDB.

Table 1: Directory structure of the Chandra CALDB.
$CALDB/data/chandra/ acis/ index/ (ACIS index files)    
  bcf/ badpix, evtsplt, gain, gtilim, grade, qe    
  cpf/ 2dpsf, fefs, osip    
ephin/ index/ (EPHIN index files)    
  bcf/ geom    
hrc/ index/ (HRC index files)    
  bcf/ badpix, degap, fptest, eftest, gtilim, sattest, tapring, qe    
  cpf/ 2dpsf    
pcad/ index/ (PCAD index files)    
  bcf/ align, badpix, ccd, cti, fdc, image, iru, rws, sfma    
sim/ index/ (SIM index files)    
  bcf/ pos, poscorr    
tel/ index/ (TEL index files)    
  bcf/ aimpts, geom, sky, tdet, obitol    
    hrma/ bcf/ effarea, vignet  
    cpf/ rpsf, wpsf  
    grating/ hetg/ bcf/ greff
      cpf/ arf, rmf
    letg/ bcf/ greff
      cpf/ arf, rmf

The structure under the "tel" branch is dictated by the guidelines in the ASC FITS Designer's Guide (PS, 40pp). The GRATING keyword and a corresponding classification keyword in the index file are both required.

Last modified: 4 November 2010
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