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OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Higher-Level Sequences

HRC Off to Operational HRC-S


This higher level sequence takes the HRC from a powered off state to one with an fully operational instrument with the HRC-S selected as the detector in use. As an example of when it might be used, this procedure would be executed after exiting an eclipse that had required a shedding of the HRC power load.

It is assumed that the HRC power configuration has already been configured (Power Configure HRC to use CEA A) and that the HRC Primary Bus power has been switched on. The HRC Power-up sequence is executed, followed by the sequence to switch to telemetry format 1 if necessary. Next executed is the sequence that sets the HRC-S unique defaults. The anticoincidence shield PMT HV is turned on and ramped to its operational level. Finally the HRC-S MCP HV is brought into operation if desired; the method depends on whether the HRC is at the aim-point of the HRMA and if not, whether the ramp-up should be done manually or autonomously.


The HRC-S MCP HV must not be ramped up if the HRC is in a region of high radiation (see HRC-R-002) or if the detector housing pressure is greater than 10-5 torr (see HRC-C-002).

The stored command sequence to turn on the HRC-S MCP HV must be in the enabled state. If it has been disabled in response to an EPHIN trigger, the radiation environment must be verified as safe before we can proceed. The stored command sequences to ramp the HRC-I MCP HV up and down must be disabled.

Flow Diagram


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