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OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Command Sequences

Power configure HRC to use CEA A with Primary Power Bus


This sequence uses high-level pulse commands to configure the HRC electronics power configuration to use the HRC Power Bus A (the primary bus) for the prime central electronics assembly (CEA) and all of the HV power supplies. First all the HRC failsafes are disabled and both the A and B side +5V supplies are switched to the OFF state. Then the power bus "A" is selected for use by CEA A (Bus B is selected for CEA B), HRC-I HVPS, HRC-S HVPS, Shield PMT#1 HVPS, and Shield PMT#2 HVPS. This configuration should be used until an instrument anomaly requires a change in configuration.

This command sequence is based on the HRC EGSE script pcfg10.cmd


This sequence should be executed and the results verified before the HRC primary bus power is switched on. At least 1 major frame of data (32.8 sec) must have passed after the commands have executed for this verification to be performed.

Flow Diagram

Delta-Time Command Mnemonic Description Cmd Field Mnemonic Data Parameter Telemetry Verifier Expected Value Notes
00:00:01.000 2FSMRDI Disable Failsafe Master Relay     2FSMRST DISA hlp24
00:00:01.000 2FSCSDI Disable Failsafe Cal Source Relay     2FSCAST DISA hlp28
00:00:01.000 2FSPYDI Disable Failsafe +Y Shutter     2FSPYST DISA hlp66
00:00:01.000 2FSNYDI Disable Failsafe -Y Shutter     2FSNYST DISA hlp6a
00:00:01.000 205VAOF +5V LV Power Supply A Off     2PS5AON OFF hlp3f
00:00:01.000 205VBOF +5V LV Power Supply B Off     2PS5BON OFF hlp7f
00:00:01.000 2C1BASL Bus A Select, CEA A LVPS     2C1LVBS BUSA hlp32
00:00:01.000 2C2BBSL Bus B Select, CEA B LVPS     2C2LVBS BUSB hlp75
00:00:01.000 2IMBASL Bus A Select, HRC-I HVPS     2IMHVBS BUSA hlp34
00:00:01.000 2SPBASL Bus A Select, HRC-S HVPS     2SPHVBS BUSA hlp76
00:00:01.000 2S1BASL Bus A Select, Shield PMT#1 HVPS     2S1HVBS BUSA hlp37
00:00:01.000 2S2BASL Bus A Select, Shield PMT#2 HVPS     2S2HVBS BUSA hlp78

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Revision 1.5 1999/05/10 18:08:08 jhc

corrected initial time delay to 1 sec

Revision 1.4 1998/11/06 22:16:43 juda

Added "with Primary Power Bus" to sequence name. Converted ASID,BSID state codes to BUSA,BUSB

Revision 1.3 1998/05/13 16:17:41 juda

Added "File" entry to version table

Revision 1.2 1998/05/06 18:57:59 juda

changed "side" references to "CEA", Shield A PMT" to "Shield PMT#1", and "Shield B PMT" to "Shield PMT#2" - added statement that results must be verified before Bus power is applied

Marked as approved

Revision 1.1 1998/04/29 19:25:58 juda

Initial revision

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