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HRC Command Sequences

Power Up HRC on CEA A - SCS #69


This command sequence sends high-level pulse commands to turn-on the HRC primary power bus and then the A-side +5V power supply. Once this supply is on the HRC is capable of receiving the serial digital commands necessary to activate the remainder of its power systems. Each of the HV power supplies is commanded off and to its minimum voltage step; this is a precautionary step as the activation of the +5V power should reset all of them to off. The commands to safe the motor controller are also issued before controling power is applied. After this the +15V, -15V, and +24V power supplies are turned on. After a 90 second delay for capacitors to charge, the anticoincidence shield PMT#2 is connected to CEA A (active) and PMT#1 to CEA B (inactive). Finally, as a default next-in-line telemetry timing is selected, the FIFO is reset and enabled.

This sequence should be used to bring the HRC instrument into a "stand-by" mode independent of which detector, HRC-I or HRC-S, is to be made active.


This command sequence is expected to be used after the proper instrument power configuration has been established by the command sequence "Power configure HRC to use CEA A" and the HRC primary power bus has been turned on (via the command EHRCPPON).

If the CTU is currently operating in format 1 only the first set of serial digital housekeeping values in a major frame will be valid. In order to be sure of having completely valid HRC serial digital telemetry this sequence should be followed by the appropriate sequence to set the telemetry format.

Delta-Time Command Mnemonic Description Cmd Field Mnemonic Data Parameter Telemetry Verifier Expected Value Notes
00:00:01.000 205VAON +5V Low Voltage Power Supply On     2PS5AON ON hlp3e
After +5V is on the serial digital commands to HRC will be affective
00:00:01.000 2SPHVOF HRC-S HVPS Off     2SPONST OFF sd0100
Precautionary: at +5V turn on the HVPS should be default to "off"
00:00:01.000 2SPTTHV Set HRC-S top MCP HV step to 0 2SPTTHV2 0 2SPTPAST 0 sd0200
00:00:01.000 2SPTBHV Set HRC-S bottom MCP HV step to 0 2SPTBHV2 0 2SPBPAST 0 sd0300
00:00:01.000 2SPCLEN Enable HRC-S HVPS current limit     2SPCLST ENAB sd0401
00:00:01.000 2S1HVOF Shield PMT#1 HVPS off     2S1ONST OFF sd0500
Precautionary: at +5V turn on the HVPS should be default to "off"
00:00:01.000 2S1STHV Set shield PMT#1 HV step 2S1STHV2 0 2S1HVST 0 sd0600
00:00:01.000 2IMHVOF HRC-I HVPS Off     2IMONST OFF sd0900
Precautionary: at +5V turn on the HVPS should be default to "off"
00:00:01.000 2IMTTHV Set HRC-I top MCP HV step to 0 2IMTTHV2 0 2IMTPAST 0 sd0a00
00:00:01.000 2IMTBHV Set HRC-I bottom MCP HV step to 0 2IMTBHV2 0 2IMBPAST 0 sd0b00
00:00:01.000 2IMCLEN Enable HRC-I HVPS current limit     2IMCLST ENAB sd0c01
00:00:01.000 2S2HVOF Shield PMT#2 HVPS off     2S2ONST OFF sd0d00
Precautionary: at +5V turn on the HVPS should be default to "off"
00:00:01.000 2S2STHV Set shield PMT#2 HV step to 0 2S2STHV2 0 2S2HVST 0 sd0e00
00:00:01.000 2MDRVADI Disable motor drive electronics     2MDRVAST DISA sd6800
00:00:01.000 2MCMRASL Motion control mode reset     2MCMDARS RSET sd6f00
00:00:01.000 2ALMTADS Deselect all motors     2ALMTAST SEL sd7000
00:00:01.000 215PCAON +/-15V low voltage power supply on     215PCAST ON sd1001
Dual sided supply; this command turns on both +15V and -15V
00:00:02.000 224PCAON +24V low voltage power supply on     224PCAST ON sd1201
00:01:30.000 2PRA2SL Shield PMT#2 select to use A-side pre-amplifiers     2ELEASS PMT2 hlp3d
00:00:01.000 2PRB1SL Shield PMT#1 select to use B-side pre-amplifiers     2ELEBSS PMT1 hlp7c
00:00:01.000 2NXILASL Select timing for HRC next-in-line mode telemetry     2OBNLASL NEXT sd1a01
00:00:01.000 2FIFOAOF Reset event data fifo     2FIFOAVR RSET sd4500
00:00:01.000 2FIFOAON Enable event data FIFO     2FIFOAVR ENAB sd4501

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Revision 1.8 1998/06/08 17:48:50 juda

corrected spelling error "Rest" to "Reset"

Revision 1.7 1998/05/18 15:53:42 juda

corrected telemetry verifier mnemonics for MCP HV Step commands (2IMTPST -> 2IMTPAST, 2IMBPST -> 2IMBPAST, 2SPTPST -> 2SPTPAST and 2SPBPST -> 2SPBPAST)

Revision 1.6 1998/05/08 19:31:46 juda

Added "SCS #69" to sequence name

Revision 1.5 1998/05/07 14:53:46 juda

Converted "side A" reference to "CEA A" - added File block to version table

Revision 1.4 1998/05/06 21:43:43 juda

Added PMT preamp selection and default next-in-line timing, FIFO reset and enable commands

Revision 1.3 1998/05/05 12:59:31 juda

revised based on new EGSE script received from J. Gomes on 1998 May 4 - removed many of the serial digital configuration commands (these will go with the instrument specific sequences) - removed 215NCAON

Revision 1.2 1998/04/30 18:27:57 juda

Moved motor "safing" commands 2MDRVADI (sd6800), 2MCMRASL (sd6f00), and 2ALMTADS (sd7000) to before +/-15V and +24V turn-on (recommendation of Jack Gomes during an informal discussion)

Revision 1.1 1998/04/29 19:25:58 juda

Initial revision

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