Chandra Proposal Software (CPS)

CPS Highlights

  • Users can tell if their proposals were successfully submitted.
  • Users can see exactly what they submitted, including supplemental files, like the SJ.
  • Proposals can be cloned.
  • CV files can be used over multiple proposals.
  • Users can allow others to automatically use their latest account profile information by opting-in to a 'searchable' list.
  • This option is part of a User's Account Profile and can be edited at any time.
  • Many Institutions and Countries are preloaded.
  • If several users are from the same institution in any given year, it is likely to be added to the preloaded list in the future.
  • Users may have access to the past 3 years of their proposals (as PI).
  • For accounts created before February 1, 2019, we will make a best-effort attempt to link users' new CPS accounts to past proposals from Cycles 18-20 (regardless of the final approval status).
  • Only one person 'owns' each proposal, but ownership can be transferred to anyone with an account who opted-in to the 'searchable list'.

Major Changes from RPS

  • Accounts are needed.
  • At least one person on each proposal needs to create an account. This does not have to be the PI.
  • In Progress proposals are stored on the CXC servers - no local copy needed.
  • No email version.
  • Contact Helpdesk if you need help with your proposal.


  • No DDT version (yet), DDT proposers still use RPS.
  • CoIs will need accounts if they want to take advantage of all CPS benefits such as sharing profile information and having read access to proposals.
  • Proposal PDF files have been redesigned.
  • Technically this is independent of CPS, but users may notice pdfs from CPS look different than ones they have seen in past cycles.