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What's New in Cycle 17

Large and XVP Programs

There is no XVP Program this Cycle. Proposals larger than 300ks can be submitted as LPs. There is no limit to the length of an LP, but proposers should be aware that 4 Ms is available for the entire program.

Cycle 17 Scheduling

The nominal start time for Cycle 17 is January 2016. To facilitate planning, a mix of Cycle 16 and Cycle 17 targets will be scheduled in the December 2015-February 2016 timeframe. We expect that Cycle 17 observations will take up greater than 50% of the available time from some time in February 2016.

Joint Observing Projects

Due to degraded battery performance, Suzaku will not participate in the Chandra JPO (Joint Partner Observatory) Program in Cycle 17 or subsequent cycles. The Chandra/ NRAO Joint Program will be expanded to allow NRAO to allocate up to 120ks of Chandra time in Cycle 17.

GTO Target Selection Timeline

The timeline for GTO target selection will change in Cycle 17 to a process where the bulk of GTO targets are submitted after the approved GO targets are public. Details are given in CfP Section

New RPS Field for budget PI

RPS now requires explicit entry for a US-based cost (budget) PI in case the science PI is not affiliated with a US institution. This information is used in the event a Stage 2 proposal is required. The cost PI defaults to the science PI if the science PI is affiliated with a US institution.

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