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Last modified: 15 October 2018


Bugs: python


Missing SSL support in some Python installations of CIAO 4.11 (11 May 2018)

Some builds of CIAO 4.11 have a Python installation that does not support SSL connections. This affects the El Capitan and Sierra builds for macOS, and may also happen for Linux builds (if the system OpenSSL installation conflicts with that used to build CIAO). A simple check is to see if the following command succeeds (there is no output), or errors out:

% python -c 'import ssl;'

The lack of SSL support is not a problem for running CIAO tools and packages, but is a problem when trying to interact from Python with a web site (or system) that is accessed via a https URL. This is most-often seen when trying to use pip to install a Python package into the CIAO environment, or accessing data from a web service that is provided at a https URL, resulting in an error message like

URLError: <urlopen error unknown url type: https>

At present the simplest solution is to use a command-line tool like curl or wget to access the resource.