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Last modified: 28 June 2018


Bugs: chandra_repro

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Problem with large files  (18 Sep 2012)

chandra_repro uncompresses files into memory to be written back out to disk. With large files, this can exhaust system resources and cause the script to fail with a non-informative error message

Unable to read evt1 file
# chandra_repro (09 April 2012): ERROR read error


chandra_repro will use the uncompressed version of the file so the easiest work around it to gunzip the files before running chandra_repro

unix% gunzip primary/*gz secondary/*gz

dsAPEPULSEHEIGHTERR -- WARNING: pulse height is less than split threshold when performing serial CTI adjustment.

The following warning may be displayed when running chandra_repro on an ACIS observation

# acis_process_events (CIAO): The following error occurred 2 times:
    dsAPEPULSEHEIGHTERR -- WARNING: pulse height is less than split threshold when performing serial CTI adjustment.

As is discussed in the acis_process_events bug page, this warning can safely be ignored as long as the number of times printed is small compared to the total number of events.


chandra_repro fails to create MEG responses [New] (28 Jun 2018)

For datasets taken with the HETG inserted, chandra_repro is supposed to create the positive and negative first order (+/-1) response files : ARF and RMF, for both the HEG and MEG arms. Due to a bug in mktgresp this is not happening in Python 3 edition of CIAO 4.10.

The responses are only created for +/-1 HEG. The +/-1 HEG files which are created are correct.


Users can simply run mktgresp after chandra_repro to create the full set of +/- 1,2,3 HEG and MEG responses by setting the orders parameter to an empty|blank string.

unix% chandra_repro 19882 out= 
unix% mktgresp infile=19882/repro/acisf19882_repro_pha2.fits \
  evtfile=19882/repro/acisf19882_repro_evt2.fits \
  outroot=19882/repro/tg/acisf19882_repro \
  orders= \
  mode=h clob+

This creates the response files for each spectrum in the pha2.fits file.

Last modified: 28 June 2018
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