Presenter Guidelines


Invited Talks are allotted 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A time. Contributed Talks are allotted 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A time.

We strongly encourage uploading your presentation to our conference computers in advance of the talk. Please check your email for instructions on how to upload your talk. We strongly discourage use of your own computer in order to decrease the transition time between talks to keep the conference on schedule. To best accomodate presentation file formats, we will have both a Mac and a Windows laptop available. However, if you are concerned about your file, it is best to use PDF format if possible. If you intend to present an animation or video, it is highly recommended that you test your presentation on our computers during a break prior to your talk.

The Windows PC available will have MS Powerpoint 2016, Adobe PDF Reader, and LibreOffice Impress version The Mac will have MS Powerpoint 2016, Keynote version 9.2.1, Adobe PDF Reader, and LibreOffice Impress version The projector is Widescreen 16:9 and the screen size is 7'6" x 13'4".


Poster pin-up boards are 3 ft across and 4 ft tall. For optimal presentation, your poster should fit within this space. Posters will be on display throughout the workshop in the Arlington/Berkeley/Clarendon Mezzanine. Posters can be mounted starting on Tuesday morning at 11am and must be removed by noon on Friday. Afterwards, any posters not removed will be discarded. Please see the posters page to find your poster number and download the map to find your poster location.