Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Twelve Years of Science with Chandra

The oral sessions are:

Session 1 (05/23/2011, 10am-11:30am)
Title: What Chandra tells us about Solar System Objects
15-minute talk 1: Martin. C. Weisskopf, "The Chandra X-Ray Observatory: Current Status and Future Prospects"
30-minute talk 1: Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, "High Resolution Observations of Solar System Objects"
30-minute talk 2: Brad Wargelin, "Covering Solar-Wind Charge Exchange from Every Angle with Chandra"
15-minute talk 2: Konrad Dennerl: "X-rays from Planetary Exospheres"

Session 2 (05/23/2011, 2pm-3:30pm)
Title: What Chandra tells us about Stars
30-minute talk 1: Manuel Guedel, "The X-ray Life of Stars"
15-minute talk 1: Joel Kastner, "Shaping Outflows from Evolved Stars: Secrets Revealed by Chandra"
15-minute talk 2: Jeremy Drake, "Swanning Around with Chandra: Star and Planet Formation in Cygnus OB2"
30-minute talk 2: Mike Corcoran, "X-ray Line Diagnostics of Shocked Outflows in Eta Carinae and Other Massive Stars"

Session 3: (05/24/2011, 10am-11:30am)
Title: What Chandra tells about SNR and Compact Objects
30-minute talk 1: Una Hwang, "A Million Second Chandra View of Cassiopeia A"
30-minute talk 2: Edward Cackett, "Search for relativistic Fe lines in Chandra spectra of NS and BH LMXBs"
15-minute talk 1: Patrick Slane, "Using Chandra to constrain particle spectra in pulsar wind nebulae"
15-minute talk 2: Joseph Neilsen, "GRS 1915+105: X-ray spectroscopic study of outflows"

Session 4 (05/24/2011, 2pm-3:30pm)
Title: What Chandra tells us about Galaxies
30-minute talk 1: Tom Maccarone, "Compact Object Formation in Globular Clusters, the Milky Way, and External Galaxies"
15-minute talk 1: Bret Lehmer, "X-ray emission from high-redshift star forming galaxies, results from the Chandra Deep Field South 4 Ms survey"
15-minute talk 2: K.D. Kuntz, "New ultra-deep Chandra observations of M82: properties of the very hot ISM"
30-minute talk 2: Andrea Prestwich, "Formation of compact objects in low metallicity dwarf galaxies"

Session 5 (05/25/2011, 10am-11:30am)
Title: What Chandra tells us about AGN and SMBHs
30-minute talk 1: Francesca Civano, "It takes 2 to Tango - Merging AGN caught in the Act"
30-minute talk 2: Elena Gallo, "AMUSE-Virgo: Down-sizing in Black Hole Accretion"
15 minute talk 1: Shuang-Nan Zhang, "The Chandra view of the formation of dusty torus in AGN"
15 minute talk 2: Meg Urry, "Results from the extended Chandra Deep Field South"

Session 6 (05/25/2011, 2pm-3:30pm)
Title: What Chandra tells us about Clusters and Groups of Galaxies
30-minute talk 1: William Forman, "Cooling Cores, AGN, and the Mechanisms of Feedback"
15-minute talk 1: Ming Sun, "The Baryon Content of Galaxy Groups"
15-minute talk 2: Karl Andersson, "X-ray Observations and Properties of Clusters Observed by the South Pole Telescope"
30-minute talk 2: Andrey Kravtsov, "Cosmological Consequences of Chandra Observations of Evolving Clusters"

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