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Last modified: 25 September 2018


Sherpa "Watch Out" Page

This page lists noteworthy items and issues about the Sherpa 4.6 release. For the full list of known issues please review the:

Running Sherpa

IPython Packaged with CIAO OTS

CIAO includes IPython in the CIAO OTS directory which is used by Sherpa and ChIPS to provide command-line user interfaces. These programs create an IPython profile in the directory $HOME/.ipython-ciao4.5.

If IPython users want any personal customizations to be available when running CIAO, they will have to copy them from $HOME/.ipython to $HOME/.ipython-ciao4.5.

User Python modules must not have the same name as CIAO/Sherpa modules.

When loading a module in Python, Python first looks in the current working directory for this module, then in the directories listed in the PYTHONPATH environment variable. Therefore, if you have a script named '' in your current working directory, for example, Sherpa will fail to load because the script ./ is loaded, not the code in the module ${ASCDS_INSTALL}/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sherpa. Please ensure that the names of your Python scripts do not exactly match those of Python modules packaged with CIAO.

Data Caveats

Spectral analyses of ACIS data with a limited pulse-height range

Before fitting ACIS data sets with restricted pulse-height ranges, please read the CIAO caveat "Spectral analyses of ACIS data with a limited pulse-height range."

A complete list of caveats for Chandra data is available on the CIAO Data Caveats webpage.