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Last modified: 20 July 2012

URL: http://cxc.harvard.edu/iris/v1.1/index.html


VAO Spectral Energy Distribution Analysis Tool

[Iris GUI screenshot]

We present the v1.1 release of Iris, the VAO downloadable application for analysis of 1-D astronomical Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs). Iris is a tool which allows the astronomer to build a SED of a source from multiple, separate data segments or photometric points, gathered from various observatories across a wide spectral range, and fit the aggregate SED with emission and/or absorption spectral models; individual data segments may also be separately analyzed. SED data may be uploaded into the application from IVOA-compliant VOTable and FITS format files, or imported directly from the NASA Extragalactic Database; data written in non-native formats may be converted using the SED Builder portion of the tool. Iris can save SED data files in one of the aforementioned supported file formats, as well as files for restoring custom fitting sessions.

Iris seamlessly combines key features of several existing astronomical software applications to streamline and enhance the SED analysis process; these are Specview for data visualization, Sherpa for spectral model fitting, and the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for data access. As this represents the first incremental release of Iris after version 1.0, we strongly encourage you to provide feedback on your experience with the tool by sending your comments, suggestions, and questions to the VAO HelpDesk.

Last modified: 20 July 2012
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