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Last modified: 15 August 2012

URL: http://cxc.harvard.edu/iris/v1.1/guide.html

Iris How-to Guide

The Iris How-to Guide serves as a roadmap for navigating the Iris SED analysis tool. It provides instructions for downloading, installing, and running the Iris application; describes the individual features and capabilities of Iris; and ties it all together in an example SED analysis session.

[image of downward-pointing arrow indicating direction    of analysis flow] Download and Installation

Introduction to Iris Iris Usage Example

Analyzing SED Data in Iris

[image of Iris desktop]

The images and associated links below serve to visually aid you in quickly jumping to a particular sub-section of the How-to Guide.

Entry Point

Install and Run Iris Load Data from File -or-
Import from NED
Build and Manage SEDs
[Iris GUI] [SedImporter GUI] [Iris VO download window]

Data Visualization

Plot Multi-segment SEDs Access Metadata and
Data Arrays
[] []

Modeling and Fitting

Define Model Expressions Choose Fit Statistic and Method
Calculate Model Parameter Confidence Intervals
Add Custom Models
[] [] []

Saving Data

Save SED Data to File Save a Fitted Model to File
[] []

Last modified: 15 August 2012
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