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OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Higher-Level Sequences

HRCOBS Configuration


This sequence captures the logic that should be followed by the Command Generation function within the OCC Off-line System to configure the HRC for observations (i.e.the HRCOBS statement within the Detailed Operations Time-line would be expanded via this sequence). The specific settings requested for an observation are passed into the HRCOBS statement by the HRC_MODE value of the Observation Request (OR).

Notice that since we expect to use default settings for most observations, this higher-level procedure will usually only send commands to the HRC if there is a detector change (HRC-I to -S or HRC-S to -I).


An HRC detector, either HRC-I or HRC-S, is expected to be operational as a prerequisite to scheduling an HRCOBS statement. Thus, this higher level sequence does not contain steps to go from the "Off" state.

Flow Diagram


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