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HRC CCB Status Approved

OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Command Sequences

Set HRC-I Unique Defaults


This command sequence sets the HRC instrument configuration default settings that are specific to using the HRC-I. High level pulse commands are used to select which detector is connected to the active pre-amps, HRC-S to CEA B (inactive) and HRC-I to CEA A (active). Then a series of serial digital commands are sent to set the defaults for hardware processing.


This command sequence assumes that the HRC power configuration has been set using the command sequence "Power configure HRC to use CEA A" and that the HRC has been powered using the sequence "HRC Power Up".

This sequence should not be executed until the HRC has been powered for at least 90 sec.

Delta-Time Command Mnemonic Description Cmd Field Mnemonic Data Parameter Telemetry Verifier Expected Value Notes
00:00:01.000 2PRBSSL HRC-S select to use CEA B pre-amplifiers     2PREBDS SPEC hlp7a
00:00:01.000 2PRAISL HRC-I select to use CEA A pre-amplifiers     2PREADS IMAG hlp3a
00:00:02.000 2PSHBALD Load High-byte motor control position word 2PSHBAL1 0 2SCTHAST 0 sd1800
00:00:01.000 2PSLBALD Load Low-byte motor control position word 2PSLBAL1 0 2SCTHAST 0 sd1900
00:00:01.000 2SPNLASL Select normal mode for HRC-S     2SPMDASL NORM sd1b01
00:00:01.000 2CALBAAM Set calibration pulse amplitude to 0 2CALBAA1 0 2CALPALV 0 sd2000
00:00:01.000 2CLMDAOF Set calibration mode to off     2CLMDAST OFF sd2100
00:00:01.000 2FCPUALV Set forced coarse U-axis position to 0 2FCPUAL1 0 2FCPUAST 0 sd2200
00:00:01.000 2FCPVALV Set forced coarse V-axis position to 0 2FCPVAL1 0 2FCPVAST 0 sd2300
00:00:01.000 2CBHUALV Set center-blank region U-axis upper limit to 255 2CBHUAL1 255 2CBHUAST 255 sd24ff
changed from EGSE script - 255 is max possible value
00:00:01.000 2CBLUALV Set center-blank region U-axis lower limit to 0 2CBLUAL1 0 2CBLUAST 0 sd2500
changed from EGSE script - 0 is min possible value
00:00:01.000 2CBHVALV Set center-blank region V-axis upper limit to 255 2CBHVAL1 255 2CBHVAST 255 sd26ff
changed from EGSE script - 255 is max possible value
00:00:01.000 2CBLVALV Set center-blank region V-axis lower limit to 0 2CBLVAL1 0 2CBLVAST 0 sd2700
changed from EGSE script - 0 is min possible value
00:00:01.000 2ULDIATH Set upper level veto threshold to 255 2ULDIAT1 255 2ULDIALV 255 sd28ff
00:00:01.000 2LLDIATH Set trigger level threshold to 8 2LLDIAT1 8 2LLDIALV 8 sd2908
00:00:01.000 2GRDVAAM Set grid bias level to step 28 dec [1c hex] 2GRDVAA1 28 2GRDVALV 28 sd2b1c
00:00:01.000 2WDTHATH Set coarse width veto threshold to 3 2WDTHAT1 3 2WDTHAST 3 sd2c03
00:00:01.000 2RSRFAAM Set ADC range switch setting to 115 dec [73 hex] 2RSRFAA1 115 2RSRFALV 115 sd2d73
00:00:01.000 2SHL1AEN Enable anticoincidence shield veto     2SHLDAVR ENAB sd4001
00:00:01.000 2WDTHADI Disable width veto     2WDTHAVR DISA sd4100
00:00:01.000 2ULDIADI Disable upper level discr. veto     2ULDIAVR DISA sd4200
00:00:01.000 2CBLKADI Disable center-blank function     2CBLKAVR DISA sd4300
00:00:01.000 2EBLKADI Disable edge-blank function     2EBLKAVR DISA sd4400
00:00:01.000 2SMOIAEN Enable over-current protection for selected motor     2DROIAST ENAB sd4901
00:00:01.000 2SMOTAEN Enable over-temperature protection for selected motor     2DROTAST ENAB sd4a01
00:00:01.000 2CHPLAEN Enable primary closed/home limit switch     2CPLSAST ENAB sd5001
00:00:01.000 2CHSLAEN Enable secondary closed/home limit switch     2CSLSAST ENAB sd5101
00:00:01.000 2OMPLAEN Enable primary open/maximum limit switch     2OPLSAST ENAB sd5201
00:00:01.000 2OMSLAEN Enable secondary open/maximum limit switch     2OSLSAST ENAB sd5301
00:00:01.000 2STFLAEN Enable motor stop flags     2SFLGAST ENAB sd5401
00:00:01.000 2FIFOAOF Reset event data fifo     2FIFOAVR RSET sd4500
00:00:01.000 2FIFOAON Enable event data FIFO     2FIFOAVR ENAB sd4501

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expanded the list of serial digital commands that are sent after the high-level pulse commands to select the preamps - solves problem of high-level pulse causing value changes

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