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HRC Command Sequences



The edge-blanking function of the HRC allows the science team to select rectangular regions of the x-ray detector outside of which the events will not be processed by the on-board electronics and consequently will not be put into the telemetry stream.

This command sequence sets the upper and lower limits on the rectangular region for each axis and enables the edge-blanking function. The limits of the rectangular region are given by the variables UHI, ULOW, VHI, and VLOW.


Flow Diagram

Delta-Time Command Mnemonic Description Cmd Field Mnemonic Data Parameter Telemetry Verifier Expected Value Notes
00:00:01.000 2CBHUALV Set center-blank region U-axis upper limit to UHI 2CBHUAL1 UHI 2CBHUAST UHI sd24yy
"yy" HEX value of UHI
00:00:01.000 2CBLUALV Set center-blank region U-axis lower limit to ULOW 2CBLUAL1 ULOW 2CBLUAST ULOW sd25yy
"yy" HEX value of ULOW
00:00:01.000 2CBHVALV Set center-blank region V-axis upper limit to VHI 2CBHVAL1 VHI 2CBHVAST VHI sd26yy
"yy" HEX value of VHI
00:00:01.000 2CBLVALV Set center-blank region V-axis lower limit to VLOW 2CBLVAL1 VLOW 2CBLVAST VLOW sd27yy
"yy" HEX value of VLOW
00:00:01.000 2EBLKAEN Enable edge-blank function     2EBLKAVR ENAB sd4401

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