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OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Command Sequences



This sequence is used to turn off both of the HRC MCP HV power supplies; both are turned off even though only one should be on. This sequence is used when switching between the HRC-I and HRC-S as the active detector. It turns off the HRC-S MCP HVPS, then the HRC-I MCP HVPS and then sets the HV level for the top and bottom plates to their minimum values.



Delta-Time Command Mnemonic Description Cmd Field Mnemonic Data Parameter Telemetry Verifier Expected Value Notes
00:00:01.000 2SPHVOF Spectroscopy MCP HVPS Off     2SPONST OFF sd0100
00:00:01.000 2IMHVOF Imaging MCP HVPS Off     2IMONST OFF sd0900
00:00:01.000 2SPTTHV Set spectroscopy top MCP HV step to 0 2SPTTHV2 0 2SPTPAST 0 sd0200
00:00:01.000 2SPTBHV Set spectroscopy bottom MCP HV step to 0 2SPTBHV2 0 2SPBPAST 0 sd0300
00:00:01.000 2IMTTHV Set imaging top MCP HV step to 0 2IMTTHV2 0 2IMTPAST 0 sd0a00
00:00:01.000 2IMTBHV Set imaging bottom MCP HV step to 0 2IMTBHV2 0 2IMBPAST 0 sd0b00

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Revision 1.4 1998/05/13 20:01:11 juda

corrected delta time between "2SPHVOF" and "2IMHVOF" commands (was 0 sec should have been 1 sec)

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