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Last modified: 28 September 2015


CIAO 2.2.1 Release Notes

This CIAO release includes several new and updated instrument specific tools and data manipulation tools (e.g. acisreadcorr, dmjoin, mkrmf with weighting option, mkwarf, rmfimg, etc.), plus new and enhanced functionality within the SHERPA (ahelp/sherpa.html) modeling and fitting application and the CHIPS (ahelp/chips.html) plotting and imaging application. Editing capabilities have been added to PRISM (ahelp/prism.html) and the VARMM (ahelp/varmm.html) interface library has been extended.



dmcopy / dmlist / dmstat
	- Fix for region problems with PIE and SECTOR filtering and
	  some of the area problems.

	- Fix for autonaming for individually extracted images

	- minor tweaks to wmap parameter comment (det=32).
	- Fix for crash if user supplied stack of background regions.
	- Users can now supply an additional filter to wmap that is
	  indepent of filter applied to input file (eg create wmap
	  in a specific energy range).
	- Fix for region problems with PIE and SECTOR filtering and
	  area problems.

	- Fix for bug that gives wrong answers for non-square images

dmsort ** UPDATE **
	- Completely re-written and available now as a stable
	  stand-alone tool.
	- No restriction on the number of input rows as before.
	- Fast for files that are 'almost' sorted.

	- Fix for bug that prevented creating/updating columns with
	  the same name as existed in input file(s).

	- Additional checks on the array size and dimensions for input

	- Speed improvements

	- Fix to work with recently updated focal length

	- Fix to the TLMIN/TLMAX keywords that prevented the image in
	  object-centered coordinates from being displayed properly in
	- Changed default cellsize from 0 to 15 so that celldetect 
          will not use the PSF library to determine cellsize. A fixed 
          cellsize of 15 pixels has been found to be most effective 
	  for the majority of data processed. 

	- Fix for cleaning up temporary files at the end of the script.

	- Minor bug fix to deal with CONTENT header keyword to
	  determine which type of aspect files were provided.


        - Background filtering has been improved to allow separate
	instrument models and independently grouped background data.
	- fakeit can now simulate data with a source model only, using
	the "dataspace" command.
	- Several minor plotting improvements have been implemented.

User Infrastructure

        - DS9 v2.0b4: supported in chips, prism, filtwin, and sherpa 

        - Fixed several PRISM keyword viewing and editing bugs 

        - ISIS ots upgrade from v0.9.51 to v0.9.61 

        - XML documentation 
        - server HTML page(s) verified W3C compliant 
        - corrected problem display of minus/plus in position 

        - Corrected mkoif to disregard +x permission on input files 

Setup Scripts
        - Improved message for unsupported platforms in ciao.*sh setup scripts

Last modified: 28 September 2015
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