Last modified: 13 December 2018

Can I use jupyter notebooks (or astropy, matplotlib, scipy) with CIAO 4.11? [Updated]

CIAO 4.11 now includes Jupyter notebooks, so after starting CIAO, you can just say:

unix% jupyter notebook

See the CIAO 4.11 release notes for more information.

CIAO 4.11 is also the first CIAO release to support installing Python packages into CIAO.


Installing additional Python packages into CIAO has the potential to corrupt (break) the CIAO installation.

We strongly advise users to keep copies of the CIAO installation files - the *.tar.gz files downloaded by the ciao-install installation script - so that the CIAO installation can be easily re-created if necessary.

The steps described in the Python module installation guide require that you have write access to the CIAO installation directories (advice for using a Python virtual environment is planned for the near future), and that your CIAO installation supports the SSl library. The second condition can be checked by seeing if the following command succeeds (after starting CIAO):

unix% python -mssl

If this fails then you will need to install version 1.0 (not 1.1) of the OpenSSL package with your system package manager (e.g. apt-get, yum, macports, brew). Note that recent distributions provide version 1.1 by default, and that 1.0 can be installed alongside this version.