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Chandra Users' Committee Meeting

12,13 Jan 2004


12 Jan 2004, Phillips Auditorium, CfA

09:00 Opening Remarks Belinda Wilkes
09:10 [PPT]Chandra Status Report - View as HTMLRoger Brissenden
09:40 Proposals and Peer Reviews
Director's Discretionary TimeHarvey Tananbaum (15 min)
[PPT]XMM/Chandra Observations - View as HTML
Summary of Cycle 5 Fred Seward (10 min)
Panel Chair LP/VLP Survey [PPT]Belinda Wilkes - View as HTML(35 min)
IIS "Observation"
Interaction with Users
[PPT]Tracking Chandra Productivity - View as HTML Paul Green (15 min)
10:55 Coffee Break
11:00 CIAO
Status and Future PlansMartin Elvis
CIAO demos
1. Spectra (Aneta/Nancy)
2. Imaging spectroscopy: (John Houck/Mike Wise)
3. Timing/spectra: (Mike Novak)
12:45Lunch Break
SIRTF Show and Tell Bill Latter
13:45[PPT]Archive: Bibliography Database and Interface - View as HTML Arnold Rots
14:00 [PPT]Trends Analysis Planning - View as HTML Dan Schwartz
14:45 Low energy QE degradation Paul Plucinsky
15:15 Tea/Coffee Break
15:30 Calibration
The new calibration web pages and summary document Larry David (30 min)
On-Axis PSF (HRC vs. ACIS)Diab Jerius (15 min)
Parameterization of the PSF Kester Allen (15 min)
Improvements in the LETGS Dispersion relation Jeremy Drake (15 min)
ACIS QE, gain, and response issues and the effects of recent solar activity Dick Edgar (30 min)
Calibration plan for ACIS bake-out Larry David (15 min)
17:30 Adjourn

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