Chandra's First Decade of Discovery

Invited Speakers

The following invited speakers will be presenting at Chandra's First Decade of Discovery. The talk titles will be added as they are available.

  • Keynote: Riccardo Giacconi (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Carles Badenes (Tel-Aviv University)
    X-Ray Studies of Supernova Remnants: The Persistence of Memory

  • Elizabeth Blanton (Boston University)
    AGN Feedback in Clusters of Galaxies

  • Niel Brandt (Pennsylvania State University)
    Supermassive Black Hole Growth Over Cosmic Time: X-ray Constraints on the Demographics and Physics of Active Galaxies

  • Eric D. Feigelson (Pennsylvania State University)
    X-ray studies of star and planet formation

  • Victoria Kaspi (McGill University)
    Chandra's Contribution Toward "Grand Unification": Unravelling the Surprising Diversity in Neutron Stars

  • Julia C. Lee (Harvard University)
    X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of Outflows: A Chandra High Resolution Legacy

  • Sera Markoff (API, University of Amsterdam)
    Revelations in our own backyard: Chandra's unique Galactic center discoveries

  • David Pooley (University of Wisconsin)
    Globular Cluster X-ray Sources

  • Daniel A. Schwartz (SAO)
    Resolved Jet Structures

  • Paola Testa (SAO)
    X-ray emission processes in stars and their immediate environment

  • Alexey A. Vikhlinin (SAO)
    Studies of Dark Energy with Chandra

  • Q. Daniel Wang (University of Massachusetts)
    X-raying galaxies: A Chandra Legacy

  • Martin C. Weisskopf (NASA/MSFC)
    On the Making of Chandra