John Little packing the bags

Some Swag

Allyn Tennant

Jeff Ashby, Bryan Austin Martin Weiskopf, Eileen Collins, Steve Hawley and Michel Tognini

Leisa Townsley and Pat Broos

Jay Bookbinder

Joel Kastner

Bryan Austin, Martin Weiskopf, David Brady, Michel Tognini, Jeff Ashby, Jon Morse, Eileen Collins, Steve Hawley and Harvey Tananbaum

Harvey Tananbaum welcoming the attendees

Jon Morse

Jon Morse

Eric Fiegelson: X-ray Studies of Star and Planet Formation

Rosaria Bonito: Modeling the X-ray emission from jets observed with Chandra

Paola Testa: X-ray emission processes in stars and their immediate environment

Lidia Oskinova - The Shocking Truth about Massive Stars

Andy Pollock- Collisionless plasmas in WR140, Eta Carinae and other colliding-wind systems.

Nancy Brickhouse - Discovery of an Accretion-Fed Corona in an Accreting Young Star

Niel Brandt: Supermassive Black Hole Growth Over Cosmic Time: X-ray Constraints on the Demographics and Physics of Active Galaxies

Paul J. Green: The X-ray AGN Fraction and an AGN-Star formation Sequence from the Chandra Multiwavelength Project

Paul J. Green: The X-ray AGN Fraction and an AGN-Star formation Sequence from the Chandra Multiwavelength Project

Martin Elvis: The Chandra COSMOS Survey: Early Results

Elena Gallo- AMUSE-Virgo: the complete nuclear X-ray census

Elise Laird- Results from the AEGIS-X survey of the Extended Groth Strip

Riccardo Giacconi

Jeff Ashby and Michel Tognini,

Michel Tognini, Jeff Ashby and Steve Hawley

Harvey Tananbaum introduces the historical session

Martin C. Weisskopf - On the Making of Chandra

Riccardo Giacconi

Bob Burke - Historical Remembrances of the Chandra X-ray Observatory: How Partnerships Created Success

Steve Murray - Development of the HRC and Selected Science Highlights and Surprises

Claude Canizares - Development of the HETG and Selected Science Highlights and Surprises

Jeff Ashby (STS-93 Pilot), Michel Tognini (STS-93 MS-1) Steven Hawley (STS-93 MS-2) Cady Coleman (STS-93 Payload Specialist)

Eileen Collins (Commander STS-93) & Harvey Tananbaum

Eileen Collins (Commander STS-93)

Eileen Collins (Commander STS-93)

Eileen Collins, Jeff Ashby, Cady Coleman, Steve Hawley, Michel Tognini - The Chandra Experience as Recollected by the STS-93 Crew

Michel Tognini (STS-93)

Steve Hawley (STS-93)

Cady Coleman (STS-93)

Cady Coleman (STS-93)

Bryan Austin (STS-93) Flight Director

Bryan Austin (STS-93) Flight Director

David Brady - Payload Officer STS-93

STS-93 Crew

STS-93 Crew and their last view of Chandra

Cady Coleman

Belinda Wilkes

Harvey Tananbaum receiving a gift from the CXC staff.

Harvey Tananbaum receiving a gift from the CXC staff. The "C" is for the team captain.

Harvey Tananbaum receiving a gift from the CXC staff.

Antonella and her son Francesco Drake with Cady Coleman

The rest of the Drake family - sans- Jeremy - with Cady Coleman

Ignazio Pilliteri, Felipe Andrade-Santos, Eileen Collins and Rosaria Bonito

Astronaut groupies

Eileen Collins signing one of the meeting posters

Carey Lisse, Jay Bookbinder and Chuck Lillie discuss Chandra's thermal Stability. Here is a is melting...

Carey Lisse and Jay Bookbinder discuss Chandra's thermal Stability. Ah-Ha! It's warming.

Riccardo Giacconi & Martin C. Weisskopf

Riccardo Giacconi & Martin C. Weisskopf

Riccardo Giacconi

Riccardo Giacconi

Riccardo Giacconi

Harvey Tananbaum

Andreas Zezas- X-ray source populations in nearby spiral and star-forming galaxies

The CIAO booth

Jaya Bajpayee, Martin Weisskopf, Will Zhang, and David Burrows

Tom Aldcroft and Diab Jerius

Carles Badenes: X-Ray Studies of Supernova Remnants: The Persistence of Memory

Carles Badenes- X-Ray Studies of Supernova Remnants: The Persistence of Memory

Sangwook Park - SNR 1987A: Ten Years of Chandra Monitoring

David Burrows: Chandra Searches for Late-Time Jet Breaks in GRB X-ray Afterglows

Leisa Townsley and Kenny Glotfelty

Joe Depasquale and Roy Kilgard

Stephanie LaMassa

Jan Vrtilek, Nazirah Jetha and Marie Machacek

Alexey A. Vikhlinin: Studies of Dark Energy with Chandra

Thomas Culverhouse: Chandra and SZA Observations of Clusters of Galaxies at z>1

Adam Mantz: Constraints on Cosmology and X-ray Scaling Relations from the Growth of Massive Galaxy Clusters

Elizabeth Blanton - AGN Feedback in Clusters of Galaxies

Myriam Gitti AGN feedback in galaxy groups: The case of HCG 62

Ralph Tuellmann- (ChASeM33)

Daniel Stern Speaking on NuSTAR

George Pavlov - Chandra Observations of the Vela Pulsar Wind Nebula

Craig Heinke - A Carbon Atmosphere for the Cassiopeia A Neutron Star

Tom Maccarone - Extragalactic Globular Clusters with Chandra

Views on the Spirit of Boston

Views on the Spirit of Boston

Herman and Jenny Marshall

Eric Fiegelson

Views on the Spirit of Boston

David Pooley

Dan Harris

Megan Watzke

Peter Edmonds

Views on the Spirit of Boston

Eric Fiegelson and Kenji Hamaguchi

The USS Constitution

Vinay Kashyap and Scott Wolk

Roberto Soria

Dan Harris and Andy Pollack

Sabina Hurley (Chandra Chief Engineer)

Ian and Janet Evans

Martin and Nancy Evans

Derek Fox

Sera Markoff - Revelations in our own backyard: Chandra's unique Galactic center discoveries

Carey Lisse - Chandra Studies of Planets and Comets in the X-ray

Daniel A. Schwartz - Resolved Jet Structures

Daniel Evans - Spatially Resolved Chandra HETG Spectroscopy of the NLR Ionization Cone in NGC 1068

Joseph Neilsen - The HETGS View of the Microquasar GRS 1915+105: Fast Spectral Variability and the Disk-Jet Connection

Paul Nulsen- Centaurus A: Interaction of a Radio Source with its Environment

Elisa Costantini - Exploring the Kingdom of an AGN: Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of Mrk279

Doug Burke

Dharam Lal, Lauranne Lanz

Carey Lisse

Scott Wolk (and a collection of signatures)

Su Tuttle

Chuck Lillie

Dan Evans

Jonathan McDowell

Wilt Sanders

The Map

Q. Daniel Wang - X-raying galaxies: A Chandra Legacy

Christine Jones- Chandra observations of AGN Outbursts in "normal" Early-type Galaxies

Carolin Cardamone - AGN on the Color-Magnitude Diagram: Results from a Deep Medium Band Survey with the Subaru Telescope in the MUSYC-ECDFS Region.

Mike Nowak

Julia C. Lee - X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of Outflows: A Chandra High Resolution Legacy

Manfred Hanke - Spectroscopy of the photoionized wind and absorption dips in the Cyg X-1 system

Tassos Fragos - Modeling X-ray binary populations in elliptical galaxies.