Invited Speakers

Franz Bauer (Columbia)
A Legacy Study of Stellar Lifecycles in the Galactic Center
Mark Bautz (MIT)
Galaxy-cluster structure and cosmology
Marcella Brusa (MPE)
Stacking photons in deep and large X-ray surveys
Konrad Dennerl (MPE)
X-rays from Comets, Venus, and Mars
Julie McEnery (NASA/GSFC)
X-ray opportunities with GLAST
Brian McNamara (Waterloo)
Feedback in clusters of galaxies
Rachel Osten (Maryland)
Who's Afraid of a Stellar Superflare?
Cara Rakowski (NRL)
Shock Physics in SNRs: an observational perspective
Alicia Soderberg (Princeton)
An X-ray View of the GRB-SN Connection
Yasunobu Uchiyama (JAXA/ISAS)
Resolved jets in quasars and radio galaxies
Ben Williams (U. of Washington)
The Chandra ACIS Survey of M33 (ChASeM33)