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Scientific Organizing Committee for the Star Formation workshop:

  • Scott Wolk (CfA) Chair
  • Nancy Evans (CfA) CXC Director's Office
  • Leisa Townsley (PSU/ACIS)
  • Tom Megeath (CfA/IRAC)
  • Dave Huenemoerder (MIT/CXC)
  • Claus Leitherer (STSCI)
  • George Rieke (U. Arizona)
  • Norbert Schulz (MIT)
  • John Stauffer (SPITZER)
  • Ray Jayawardana (University of Toronto)
Local Organizing Committee:

  • Paul Green, Chair
  • Natalya Bizunok
  • Takashi Isobe
  • Brad Spitzbart
  • Samantha Stevenson
Administrative and Computer Support:

  • Tricia Buckley
  • Michelle Henson
  • Lisa Paton
  • Su Tuttle

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