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Hosted by the Chandra X-ray Center
at the Sheraton Commander Hotel
16 Garden St, Cambridge, MA

Accommodation information

We have secured space at a nearby hotel, the Sheraton Commander Hotel. THe hotel is located within easy walking distance of both the CfA and Harvard Square.

Contact information for the Sheraton Commander:
Sheraton Commander Hotel
16 Garden St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
Telephone: (617) 547-4800
FAX: (617) 868-8327

To Make A Reservation

Call: 1-888-627-7121
Cut-off date: June 12, 2005, 5:00PM EDT
ID affiliation: Chandra Workshop

Online Reservations [not yet available]

Rates cannot be changed at check-in or checkout for guests who fail to identify their affiliation as the "Chandra Workshop" at the time the reservation is made. Rates are offered 2 days prior and 2 days after the meeting dates.

Guest Room Rate$170 Single$170 Double
Check-in3:00 PM
Check-out12:00 PM
Valet parking$25 / day to hotel guests

Guaranteed reservations are held only for day of arrival (without occupancy) for one night, not for the entire length of stay. Also, cancellation and no-show fees (typically one night's charges) may apply. Inquire when you make your reservation.


In the event that the Hotel cannot accommodate a member of the Workshop who has a guaranteed reservation, the Hotel will provide the guest with:

  1. Accommodations at a comparable hotel as close as reasonably possible at no charge to the guest for the first night the guest is displaced from the Hotel.
  2. One complimentary round trip ground transportation between Hotel and the alternate hotel for each day the guest is displaced.
  3. Two (2) 5-minute phone calls and necessary arrangements for forwarding of the displaced guest's telephone messages and mail.
  4. Offer to relocate displaced guest back to first available room. If room becomes available and the guest elects not to return to the Hotel, the Hotel will have no further obligations.
  5. Upon return to the Hotel, upgraded accommodations (if available) and a welcome expression from the General Manager.

Other local information including hotels, restaurants and transportation.

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Page last modified on: 7 Mar 2005
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