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Last modified: 16 April 2024


Downloading CIAO 4.16 and CALDB 4.11.1 with conda

The download page provides the basic steps needed to install CIAO 4.16 and CALDB 4.11.1 into a new conda environment. For additional details, including how to upgrade an existing environment, users should read the Installing CIAO with conda thread.

Also be sure to review the list of known issues and conflicts with other packages on the conda installation bug page as well as the conda FAQs.

Users can also install CIAO using the ciao-install script. Visit the download page for help choosing which installation method to use.

  1. Please be aware of the following issues before installing CIAO 4.16 (see the watchout page for more information):

  2. Verify conda version. Users should be using conda version 4.7.6 or newer.

    $ conda --version
    conda 4.8.3

    If conda is not installed - that is the following fails

    $ conda --version
    conda: Command not found.

    then users can install miniconda from the Anaconda website.

    deactivate base or any other environments

    Depending on how conda is installed and setup, it may automatically activate the "base" environment in the terminal window. Users should deactivate this or any other environments before installing CIAO.

    (base) $ conda deactivate
  3. Install CIAO into a new conda environment.

    $ conda create -n ciao-4.16 \
      -c \
      -c conda-forge \
      ciao pyciao sherpa ds9 ciao-contrib caldb_main marx python=3.11

    CIAO-4.16 is available with Python 3.11, 3.10, or 3.9. Unless a different version is needed, users should specify python=3.11, otherwise the default will be determined based on the other packages available on conda-forge channel at the time of installation. To request a specific version, use python=3.9, python=3.10, or python=3.11 to the conda create line.

    Users may also wish to include packages such as jupyter, astropy and scipy into their new CIAO conda environment. The caldb_main package is the base CalDB, while the additional background files are contained in the acis_bkg_evt and hrc_bkg_evt packages. The caldb package is the entire CalDB which can be used in lieu of the three previously mentioned CalDB packages.

    CIAO 4.16 requires conda-forge channel

    Updating to the latest version of XSpec requires CIAO to use a version of libgfortran which is not available in the default channel. Users will therefore need to include the conda-forge channel when they install CIAO 4.16

    It is strongly recommended to create a new conda environment for CIAO 4.16 rather than trying to upgrade an environment containing an older version of CIAO.

    Problem with downloading XSPEC models or CALDB

    Users experiencing problems downloading the CALDB files and/or the XSPEC model files can follow the Alternative download instructions.

  4. Activate the CIAO environment:

    $ conda activate ciao-4.16
    $ source activate ciao-4.16

    By default, the terminal prompt will change to show the currently active conda environment. Users can also run the ciaover command to verify that they are setup correctly.

    % ciaover -v
    The current environment is configured for:
      CIAO        : CIAO 4.16.0 Tuesday, December 05, 2023
      Contrib     : Package release 1  Monday, April 1, 2024
      bindir      : /soft/ciao-4.16/bin
      Python path : /soft/ciao-4.16/bin
      CALDB       : 4.11.1
    System information:
    Linux 4.18.0-477.13.1.el8_8.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu May 18 10:27:05 EDT 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    Users may want to create an alias so that they only need to type ciao to activate their environment.

    MARX setup

    If you installed marx then you should do the following, so that scripts such as simulate_psf and the dax options in DS9 will work correctly:

    (ciao-4.16) $ conda env config vars set MARX_ROOT=$CONDA_PREFIX

    This command only needs to be run once.

    If you are going to be using marx directly then you can find the parameter files in the directory

  5. Run the CIAO smoke tests:
    (ciao-4.16) $ cd $ASCDS_INSTALL
    (ciao-4.16) $ bash test/smoke/bin/

    If there are any errors reported during the smoke tests, users can check the smoke test bugs page for possible solutions.

  6. Finished! CIAO is now installed and you can begin your data reduction and analysis work.

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