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Last modified: 4 June 2024


Custom Installation: CIAO 4.16 & CALDB 4.11.2

[New]CIAO 4.16 no longer provides a customized version of the ciao-install script. Users can select additional packages or different platforms using the script's command line arguments.

To download the ACIS or HRC blank sky background CALDB files

Users can install the ACIS and/or HRC blank sky background files using the --add command line argument

$ bash ciao-install --add acis …
$ bash ciao-install --add hrc …
$ bash ciao-install --add acis --add hrc …

To download the CIAO source code

Users can install the CIAO source code using the --add command line argument

$ bash ciao-install --add ciao-src …
$ bash ciao-install --add sherpa-src …
$ bash ciao-install --add ciao-src --add sherpa-src …

To download CIAO for a different platform

By default, ciao-install will download the files appropriate for the operating system where it is run. To download the files for a different operating system use the --system command line argument

$ bash ciao-install --system linux …
$ bash ciao-install --system macos …      # Intel
$ bash ciao-install --system macos-arm …  # ARM/M1/M2/M3

To omit certain CIAO packages

ciao-install will, by default, install four "segments" ciao (ciao tools and libraries), ciao-contrib (ciao contributed scripts), sherpa, and caldb. Users can use the --remove command line argument to omit any of the ciao-contrib, sherpa, or caldb segments:

$ bash ciao-install --remove sherpa …
$ bash ciao-install --remove ciao-contrib …
$ bash ciao-install --remove caldb …

$ bash ciao-installl --remove sherpa --remove ciao-contrib --remove caldb …

Additional information

Go to the Installing CIAO 4.16 Using the ciao-install Script thread for additional information and ways to customize the CIAO installation using the ciao-install script.

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