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Last modified: 14 November 2023


Bugs: reproject_image_grid


Setting the pixelsize to a value in arcseconds

If you are setting the reproject_image_grid pixelsize parameter to a value in arcseconds, you have to specify it when the tool is run, not via pset.

A feature in the CIAO parameter interface causes double quotes (") to be converted to single quotes (') when they are written to the parameter file:

unix% pset reproject_image_grid pixelsize='1"' 
unix% pget reproject_image_grid pixelsize

Supplying the pixelsize on the command line when the tool is run ensures that the value will be correctly interpreted as arcsec, e.g.

unix% reproject_image_grid pixelsize='1"' 
Input image file name (@expmaps.lis): 
.. etc. ..

The value is also correctly recorded in the history of the output file:

unix% dmhistory sn1006_expmap.fits reproject_image_grid
reproject_image_grid infile="@list_of_expmaps.lis" outfile="sn1006_expmap.fits"
xsize="2500" ysize="2500" xcenter="225.7" ycenter="-41.9" theta="0" pixelsize="1""  
projection="tan" resolution="1" method="average" coord_sys="world"  
lookupTab="/soft/ciao/data/dmmerge_header_lookup.txt" clobber="yes" verbose="0"