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Last modified: 28 February 2024


Bugs: reproject_events

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match parameter cannot take image as match input.

The match parameter does not accept images as input. The warning message

# reproject_events (CIAO 4.5): Error: failed to open match file foo.img

does not make this clear to users.


All events are lost after reprojection /
The tool needs one good time interval per chip

If the subspaces of the two files don't match - e.g. observation A was taken with S5 and that chip wasn't used in observation B - all the events are dropped from the output file (not just those on the chip that's missing).

The bug may also be described as: the tool needs one good time interval (GTI) per chip, otherwise the time for the other CCDs is set to zero.

No error message with invalid match value.

Setting the match parameter to an invalid RA/Dec (eg RA < 0 or Dec > 90 value does not trigger a warning and the tool will run to completion with undetermined results.

Running the tool on a spatially filtered file does not update the "region" subspace.

The spatial filter is recorded in the file subspace, but it is not reprojected when reproject_events is run. When reproject_events changes the sky tangent point, the region in the subspace is "shifted" in the reference frame.

In many cases, users run into this problem when they do the following order of events:

  1. Use a spatial filter to select certain ACIS chips (e.g. just the ACIS-I array)
  2. Run reproject_events on the filtered event file
  3. Attempt to extract spectra with a source list.

The final output has zero exposure and/or empty GTIs because the source list and the initial, unshifted region filter (stored in the file subspace) don't intersect.


Use the DM subspace-editing capabilities to delete the filter specification written in the file subspace:

unix% dmcopy "reprojected_file.fits[subspace -sky]" reprojected_file_fix.fits

An alternative is to run reproject_events before applying any spatial filtering.