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Last modified: 24 October 2023


Bugs: dmhistory

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action=pset with multiple instances of tool  (14 Sep 2012)

Each instance of a tool in the history is acted on when action=pset.

unix% dmhistory evt.fits acis_process_events action=pset

Each instance of acis_process_events in the above example will be pset; the last instance will be the final parameter settings.

As the parameter of any tool may have changed, this may lead to warning messages about parameter mis-matches and may miss or skip new parameter.


action=pset with long command lines may crash.  (14 Sep 2012)

If one uses the action=pset option and the command line is very long (> ~4096 characters), the tool may crash. This may be the case if the file is the result of combining many observations.