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Last modified: 24 October 2023


Bugs: acisreadcorr

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There is a bug in acisreadcorr such that it does not work correctly on observations that used a subarray.

Please refer to the "Remove the ACIS readout streak" thread for full details.

Interleaved mode data: incorrect EXPTIME value in the streak events

The following bug applies only to interleaved mode data:

The computation of the TIME of the events in the streak is correct with the exception of the value of EXPTIME.

In one example of this bug, a value of 3.3 s was used instead of the correct value of 0.3 s. The exposure time of the secondary frames of obsid 107 is 3.3 s, but this run of acisreadcorr used the data from the primary frames (0.3 s exposure time).