Last modified: 12 December 2018

How do I change the appearance/location of a label in the plot?

The ChIPS GUI can be used to change both the location and the coordinate system of an annotation, such as a label.

The set_label command is used to change the appearance of a label (e.g. its color, size, or font). The move_label command will move the label, either relative to its current location or to an absolute location (which is the default behavior). In the example below we change the color, size and horizontal alignment of a label (from left-aligned to centered), and then move it by subtracting 10 from its y coordinate.

chips> set_label(["color", "green", "size", 16, "halign", 0.5])
chips> get_label()

angle = 0.0
color = green
depth = 100
font = helvetica
fontstyle = normal
halign = 0.5
id = None
size = 16
stem = None
valign = 0.0
chips> move_label(0, -10, 1)


The ChIPS GUI makes it easy to modify a visualization using your mouse, rather than Python functions. The GUI can also be used to add annotations - such as labels, lines, points and regions - and to zoom or pan into plots.

Note that you can select a label and then drag it around with the mouse, or change the coordinates - or coordinate system - from within the GUI.