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Last modified: 25 July 2014


Chandra Proposal Planning

The following links address known issues relating to the usage and accuracy of calibration data files included in the Chandra CalDB. These have been added on an ad-hoc basis, and are by no means exhaustive. More may be added at any time.

HRC-S QEU File Search Errors for 2014 and 1999 observations

Two errors in the CalDB index for the HRC-S time-dependent QEU files, which applies to all 2014 and 1999 HRC-S observations. A temporary workaround is prescribed.

38 ACIS archival OBS_IDs with "problem reading tgainfile" from the CalDB

A problem for certain ACIS OBS_IDs whose duration crosses an ACIS T_GAIN epoch boundary. A simple fix to the problem is prescribed.

ACIS Responses Suite version N0005

A discussion of the accuracy of the latest FI chip RMFs with mkacisrmf.

Using the HRC-I RMF

Issues regarding the use of the HRC-I RMF version N0002 in Sherpa/XSPEC.


ACIS Epoch 42 (May-July 2010) T_GAIN file errors, in CalDB 4.4.1 and 4.4.2.