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Last modified: 27 February 2015


CalDB 4.6.7 Public Release Notes

NO PUBLIC RELEASE; Internal Install only

SDP Installation Date: 2015-01-21T17:00:00 (UTC)


CalDB 4.6.7 is an upgrade to the Chandra CalDB, which includes the following items:

  • Introducing the Chanda MSID Map File


A. Introducing the Chanda MSID Map File

Location: $CALDB/data/chandra/default/msidmap/
Filename: axafD1999-07-23msidN0001.fits

The MSIDMAP MSID remapping ARD is currently needed for MTA thermal monitoring and trending. In the future the ARD may also be needed for the TELescope L1 pipeline, if the relevant HRMA thermal MSIDs are transitioned to the "WIDE" variants. The MSIDMAP ARD will support both uses with the appropriate updates.

The MSIDMAP ARD includes the names of the original (un-remapped) MSIDs (e.g., OOBTHR09), the corresponding remapped MSIDs (e.g., OOBTHR09_WIDE) and a pair of transition times (TSTART; TSTOP). For each original MSID, the remapping is valid in the interval TSTART ≤ time < TSTOP. TSTOP is included in the definition of the ARD in case multiple remappings are required for the specified original MSIDs (e.g., for the case where the FSW patch that implements the transitions had to be backed out). In this case, TSTOP is effectively unused by setting the value to a large number. For time < TSTART or time ≥ TSTOP, the value of the original MSID should be used, while for TSTART ≤ time = < TSTOP the value of the corresponding remapped MSID should be used in place of the original MSID.


MTA pipeline only, initially. A later modification to the TEL L1 pipeline may be required to use the MSIDMAP file for HRMA Thermal MSID mapping.

No CIAO threads are affected by this change.